Gems to XP transformation price change

As the topic suggests, we need to have the price to exchange Gems for XP to go way down! I just saw @aslan’s post about buying gems for XP and I saw the most ridiculous price! 80 gems for 380 XP. Not 380k, mind you, 380!!  380!  That’s the same as spending 1 gem for almost every 4.75 XP!!! It’s awful! You can get more XP for upgrading your Throne Room, or maybe even your Gate! Almost anything! To make this price more fair for players, I think a more reasonable price would be 1 gem every 1000 XP. It ends up being reasonable once you get to the 1,000,000 XP mark. 1M XP is worth 1k in my opinion, nothing more. Idk, more importantly I just want the prices to be more acceptable

May be its happens bcoz war give 200% xp.


What you find is very pleasant. I like to “like” and “Haha” to you.

That makes his point even more. Increase supply should lower price in an actual market. Imagine paying a thousand dollars for a candy bar when you could make your own candy bars relatively easily. Suddenly, it gets 3x easier to make your own candy bars, so there’s less of an opportunity cost to making your own candy bars, so the price should lower accordingly. At least that’s what it would be like for a real product/service. Kind of similar… maybe?

There needs to be a facepalm “react” for things like this. 4.75xp for 1 gem, huh? I don’t even know what to say…

Are you agreeing with me or not, sorry, I’m just not understanding what your position is here

He’s saying that it’s “a facepalm moment” (aka really obviously ridiculous) charging that much for xp. So yes, he is agreeing with you.

okay lol, that’s what I figured he was trying to say

everyone is different based on level mine is at 1850 per gem.

Yes I was agreeing but was left speechless by the revelation. It’s one of those cases when you encounter something so absurd you can’t even find the words to comment (and you end up commenting badly lol).

That’s why I also said there should also be a “facepalm” in the ractions button, besides “thanks”, “like”, “lol” and “sad”. It’d fit perfectly.

Definitely lol. But we’d have to decide whether facepalms universally should refer to a post, or the situation a post is talking about

Situational reaction, I guess. Like when you “lol” a post that can be written funny or is about something funny, or when a post makes you “sad” whether by topic or content. It’s not like other reacts have precise terms of usage (unless they do).

We’ll work something out, compared to crap from flare we have to deal with on a daily basis this is easy. :grinning:

we already have a “woman facepalming” emoji here on the forum, here: ?‍♀️

Don’t ask what in the world that is. It’s just lazy lol. Make a real one, not a block for a head and a key looking thing for a hand