Can anybody tell me when they are going to have a sale on 20,000 gems?

I’m having a hard time playing

u mean 65% off?.. we didn’t knw all about it but expect it on christmas/new year… :grinning:

no idea tho wait around it will show up again and if your lucky maybe a bit better even

It’s pretty much always unpredictable so as usual the key of this game is the same, boring old patience

Btw I currently have a 50% off sale on all gem packages, including the 20k gem one.

Not buying though. Sadly I can’t give the sale to someone else^^

but lucky u have given the authority to be Staff u will get pay a month of gems… JOB WELL Done to u… :grinning:

Thanx for the info

I get gems sales every two days on lower level account  :lol:

it’s our duty to help…  :grinning:

We don’t still know desihero, it should be 1000 gems per month of active moderation…but when it’ll happen, sure I’ll tell you!!  :grinning:

But the heroesflorian’s words are “law”…“Also, rest assured, spending hours moderating the forums is much less lucrative in terms of gem rewards than is spending hours raiding other bases for tournaments!”


Ok, end OT let us go back to gems…  :grinning:  

Since you