How to get more gems for free

You have to do quests, leagues and make progress in the dungeon.

tapjoy in royalrevolt its very cool for get more gems

Unless you are on any Windows devices.

I need more gem



There is also the chests at the end of a won raid. I believe it has given me gems 2 times in the in two years. I would not count on this method. 


There is always the CC options. Pull out the plastic and buy some.

Yeah, chamber of fortune is not the way to go for planned gems, but once I managed to get 3x 70-75 gems in a week… sure, then there come weeks without any, but I think if you choose opponents that you can beat, and get to chamber of fortune often enough, the chance for gems there is a nice little extra. 


Besides, winning league is probably still the most effective way. Doesn’t have to be diamond league if that’s too hard, but also platinum or even gold gives nice gem rewards for 1st place. 

Talking about chamber of fortune to get gems:

Nowadays sometimes you meet often people with elite arblasters everywhere that make you lose lot of time and the chance to reach the castle gate to enter then in the fortune room is little…

so an alternative strategy may be attack low level players. in this way you are absolutely sure that you win and consequently you will enter the fortune chamber so maybe this little thing can help you more than attack high lvl players around your rank