There must be some girls playing this game so we might as well add the princess that is with us while we play so why don’t we make her a playable character

yo bro thats coming in the update, guilds and gender bending

Judging from the highlighted " Her " I’m pretty sure female characters will be added onto the next update,. But i’ll go ahead and vote anyways.


My wife plays too, so she would appreciate it!

I can’t believe missed that, big face palms

lol its ok :slight_smile:

It could be… :slight_smile:

yes me too the microscope zoom in to her? from together… it means a new expensive female char

cool, didn’t catch that at all. And hey I can’t believe a female char will cost extra. That would be very doubtful in Germany :slight_smile:

Don’t think we have to pay for the female character.


You just have to correct the spaces in the sentence: It’s good to raid to get her!  :wink:

She collect food from farm and fill silo, while you build towers and go to work = go to war ! as a “reality”  :wink:

so it means to save her?

I don’t think it’s right to have to pay for a female character, I think it would make more sense to unlock a dungeon with ‘Her’ in it, like when unlocking an Ogre or Gargoyle.

Can someone tell me who is that girl who always pops out whenever you upgrade buildings? 

shes the ghost of royal revolts 2!!! lol Nah shes just a gem addict, they say she gets a cut of the gems you spend :grinning:

Well making girls happy can be expensive sometimes (often). :wink:

Now when a royal queen goes shopping for your Kingdom, it’s just clear that won’t be cheap! :wink:

Flare could create a new building! The wardrobe!!  :wink:

And another much needed building would be the shoe boutique.

Starring Al Bundy as the always friendly shoe seller… :wink: