General Channel

Hi Flare,

Having a general channel in the alliance chat would be a great feature.  I have this idea in mind for some times now. Worth speading…

Also a text field in player profile to put some infos would be interresting. Could use it to share with alliance members where one come from etc…

Thank you for your attention.

I don’t understand your idea, what would this Flare general channel do?

My idea is the get a channel for all members of an alliance and a 2nd channel restricted to leader and generals. Easier to communicate between genrals

I get it. an extra chat specifically for the generals and leaders. We have been suggesting it for a long time bt no response.

Hey guys, you can do it already without asking anything from flares. Just open a chat on these forums for your generals and leader only.

Or create a Facebook group like we did.

Yeah, but in game would  be easier. Like if you made an agreement to attack a certain field, everyone would just see it in game in stead of needing to go to a third party site.


I like the idea!

Why not? Expect next update with new button cost 500 gems (or pearls) to activate general chat per war season