General chat


I would like to suggest alliance general chat. It would help to make important decisions, who to attack, who to kick easier. 

In big alliance important messages might be flooded down. 

This has been asked before, a lot of alliances use messenger or line etc which are very effective, at least conversations dont disappear like in game. 

Flare, plz implement this.

Flare should stop relying on players finding their own substitutes and workarounds and finally implement a proper communication system IN THE GAME.

Agree. Also I can add Flare should stop relying on players to give them idea and suggestion or how to fix this game. Flare should be able to fix all bugs and stuffs who don’t work alone. The fact they need us non stop to resolve problem, prove they don’t have the knowledge to be a company. Do you have see others company wait that it’s the players telling them what to do? No because the majority of true company know what to balance and what to do to give us a good game. Flare need to be taking by the hands to know what to do

But we sure save them cash they’d otherwise have to spend on a testing department. (okay, that’s actually sad, not funny)

If you have us do your job for you, flare, then we want to be paid for it (as in actual £$€¥). :slight_smile: