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Many times this has been suggested and guess what? OR now has it, so why doesn’t RR2? This has been suggested over and over again, but it still hasn’t been added. If it’s in OR, we need it in RR2

Like a world chat room yeh?

cannot agree more.

this should be their Tier 1 / Tier 2 priority.

I think this will make the game much much more lively.

please seriously consider implementing this

@FTB @flaretara @GalaMorgane

No, I mean a chat for the generals (and leader) in an alliance

Although, a world chat wouldn’t be a bad idea

you can go in my topic that I have create :

I give the idea of the Global chat of Dawn of Steel. Really well make honestly. However I don’t have any problem if we can have a chat like every MMORPG online. When you are in your kingdom you see a chat and can choose : World (to talk to everyone) Private (between players) and Alliance. Of course for the one who don’t like it in their screen can just remove it in Options

if one day we have a market and we can sell items we can have Sell chat later and so on…

a lots of possibility in RR2

There is already a „World Chat“ with all those features mentioned, you geniusses!

It is called RR2 Discord and exists for more than one and a half year now. Just look at the top of this page! ?

:lol:good point, unfortunately only a small percentage use it if you look at the whole player base, I suspect ppl in top alliances do.

Some players don’t even bother reading the forum, let alone downloading discord and use an extra app :lol: and this includes, in my experience, enthusiastic newer players - some people just don’t fancy using official forums or discord :lol:

Lol, there is also a Discord Chat in OR! My point is, why don’t we have a chat for Generals when OR got one in the last update

As this chat discussion floating up again, I’ll re write my old suggestion about this topic:

  1. Could you move private alliance message to the alliance chat and named it “announcement”? So when we open alliance chat below screen it shown window with 2 tabs, one is “alliance chat” and the other one is “alliance announcement” (before was private alliance message). Both Leader or Generals can write their tactic or strategy or view about how to handle their alliance current situation or even about future plans that can be read by all members. Plus with this announcement the strategy that high-ranking alliance officer wrote on private alliance message won’t be erased during war due to a lot of notification coming through.
  2. Could you replace those private alliance message with public alliance message? so an alliance can wrote their offer and motto that can be read by all RR2 players (including non members).

Here roughly what it looks like from my suggestions:


I agree, chat needs some work. The current “reverse walkie-talkie” system is just below par. It is a wonder so many people use it and do not want to switch to an external programme.

But integrating a good chat with generals chat (which could be a good thing in theory) is not trivial and has to have some advanced features. And if we had that, we needed the next chat for other purposes, more features like sharing screenshots, video, links and so on and so on.

This is why I would encourage people to use Discord and build your own “Discord Server” for your Alliance. It is very flexible and waaaay better than using the limited Whatsapp or Line groups.

If you like to see how Discord works, just join the RR2 Discord:

App (no WinPhone) or Desktop Programme is fine. Webclient is good too, no proper push notifications though. If you want some or know when somebody mentions @you. :slight_smile:

That’s will make an app chat not chat feature as this is game app, it shouldn’t go that far. And what I suggested were the one that’s already in the game, just some shift work to change function hindrance that coming from it’s original place. Right now, what I call announcement and notification are combined, flare just simply separate that for better future.

I knew discord and before that there’s chatango. I use both for several purpose (just not about game). I can’t applied in my alliance as most of my alliance members don’t know about that and seems to not care about it. IMO, the current chat feature in-game at least enough to fulfill what the game needs right now, just need some revamp like what I said in my suggestion. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion regarding external chatting app. ?

@MagischerKoenig We don’t care about Discord. If you have time to lose to use a third party tier program outside a game its up to you but the last time I have go in Discord the chat had only 20 person connected maybe less its died. So its not really what we talking about here. So keep your off topic for you please. that some people use Discord, MSN, MIRC,Skype or something else is not what we talking about

Back to topic. What @AwesomestKnightest suggest should be in RR2. However I don’t like the chat in RR2. Light blue,big and horrible. What I have suggest about World Map who will allow General and Leader to talk between them is this :

a real chat like a MMORPG like a have mentionated in my previous post (some need always screenshot to understand so)

in the chat you have colors each for each function : World (to talk to the entire players in the game) Private (talk to a precice player) Team ( to talk to your team) and you have announcement for people who want to recruit members in their Alliance,etc… you can also add you own specific preset : Leader if you want or Friends or something else like Alliance. If you don’t like to see the chat you can go in option and hide it and just play

Edit : Because of all the icon in the game I am not sure about this. However you can put it in middle with just a little lign like the chat we have actually and the player must click on it to make appear more bigger on a another page

Love that idea WN!! Imagine a hub level with all the generals heroes LOL, that’d be so awesome! You can walk around to each one, talk on microphone or just chat, either one!!

(I give you +1 later) RR2 is a online game after all. So he need a proper chat and not just a Alliance Chat. I don’t remember any game who have only a Alliance or Guild Chat. All online game have interaction with all players in the game not just your alliance

And just for recruit more members will be more easy for Leader. Not all people use forum. We are maybe 200 on 115,000 players to use forum. A open chat will help Leader. If Flare don’t want to add crateria to help them at least add a better open chat to make Leader life easier

in a chat like this the Leader can send by example : I search members at level 80+, who speak English, do all fight in a War, participated in all Ninja Évent. Thank you. A another one can send I search members level 20+ who speak spanish only and are active,etc… and so on…

Who is we? Fridge + you?  :wink: Again, you are talking about things you do not really understand.
And please get real, those advanced chat functions will not come to a game that is also played on tablet and phones.

Come visit RR2 Discord chat, not sure where you have been visiting. It is not like the other chats you have been mentioning and can be build to fulfill many different wishes if used properly by an alliance.

Forum is better for that…

MK, what I think he’s saying is, you were mistaking what I was saying for a World Chat. I meant a Chat for Generals (and Leader), not a General Chat for players

I guess RR2 is the only game you have play in your entire life? so that why you are so outdated in your information. a long time tablet,phones and Ipad have game with chat like this in MMORPG. Do you live in a cavern to say something who have no sense? or you always speak of something you don’t know. Go in a shop and buy a ipad,phones and download all MMORPG you find in App store or Windows store and try them you will surprise how what you talk have so much no sense. Stop live in year 2000. Welcome in 2018

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Keep your cool please. Nice and civil yeah? :grinning:

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Yes, you did. And it makes more sense. I am not against it. But I will not continue to talk with @Warriornator on this.