General Discussion About RR2

We all know some players and some person here are frustrated,have some anger for not have video ads.etc… the atmosphere on the forum start to be poisoning. So to have fun together and think about something else. i think the community need it. I create this topic to talk for fun. Whatever you want about RR2 for not be off topic. Can be dungeon,if you need help or whatever. for change your mind. Enjoy and have fun

For have more fun I suggest something like

Q1 : question of the poster

A1 : answer from the person and with Q2. the next answer A2 and do Q3 and so on…

and the next one do the same to create a chains

I start

Q1 : Do you think you still have fun in RR2 and if no Why? Do you think 4.0 will bring more fun to you?

PS : You are not forced to be serious. Just chat for chat for fun

(to allow every to answer the question of the poster you are not forced to do a question. By example I have do Q1 many can answer this Q1 until someone do a Q2 and so on…)

Answer to your second question: When I was playing in my last few months I was having very little fun at all, and that fun was not caused by the game, but by my teammates in the chat. I do believe that, after hearing what the update has in store for us players, I will have more fun, but this is eerily the same feeling that I had before the Pro League update came out. Hopefully this brings a more exciting element to the game

Q2: What changes would you like to see made in order to make normal attacks more interesting?

A1 : Well I have enjoy this game since 1.8.5. When the forge have arrive I have enjoy more when the Blacksmith have arrive. After the big add coming when 2.0 have arrive with Lightning Tower,Monk and Necromancer. that was awesome I have fun to play RR2. After a while I have take so much break.2.5.0 have arrive with Ninja Event plus the Uber items that was super. I have come back in the game.Until I don’t remember the update number when the Jester Box will be added who make me stop. that was ridiculous. A little more and they have add a Clown unit. Jester Box never have attract me and never will. After 3.0.0 come out with pals and Beast. Again add a Pokemon style in RR2 was not a good choice. That make me stop again. People have complain about Beast cutscene and they have remove it. So my fun has gone totally with the same boringness of raids and War Season. I have stop playing. My fun was not there anymore. until 3.9.0 I wanted to give a new try. 

I don’t like the fack Pals make the game so OP at low levels and mid levels. Just level up a pals Level 7+ and forge your spells and your can win a raid without nothing. Its ok I have fun to destroy entire base alone with just my pal.We will see what 4.0 will bring into the game but I think finally the fun will restart to be at max. I still hope one day to see something cool about normal raid. Like able to open chest in Ninja Event on the ground or find loots when you kill troops and Beast a little like RR1 who give gold on the ground,etc… For now I have fun play RR2. Same 4 years after I have got some down moment but its ok I have fun to play RR2 again

A2 : They remove useless stuffs like Normal attack,blunt,ice,etc on weapon and replace it or create new weapon like spear with special perk like Double Smash or triple attack. The king will have a little chance sometime to do the special skill. Hope one day to have maybe a special skills tree. Passive,Offense and Defense skills. You gain 1 Special skill by complete special event like Pro League or if you win Rank 1 in a League,etc… or why not add a special Tower event like in Mortal Kombat X where you can complete special quest for obtain special skill point and place them where you like in Passive,offense or Defense. A Hero skill tree will stop the boringness to see the king do nothing in a raid

Passive can be

    • 1% HP for bronze (1 skill point),+2% HP silver (2 skill point) and +3% HP for Gold (3 skill point)
    • 5% Gold Boost for bronze (1 skill point), +7% Gold Boost (2 skill point) + 10% Gold Boost (3 skill point)

and so on…


  • +3% speed attack (1 skill point),+4% speed attack(2 skill point) and +5% speed attack (3 skill point)

  • Unlock Skill Double Smash Attack (5 skill point)

(?) 15% chance the King do Double Smash Attack and strike 2 times. One strike in vertical and one strike in horizontal for double damage. So if you have 345 damage so its do 690 damage


  • Troop Defense +4% (1 skill point) Troop Defense +5% (2 skill point) Troop Defense +6% (3 skill point)

and so on…

of course if you add something who will offer bonus,unlock skills and more. you need to up path length to 35,Add towers max to 25,and up level of towers. If you think its a good idea. A lots of works and balancing. That why I see something like this implemented in version 5.0 for the 5th Anniversary of RR2. Will be huge and awesome

Everyone uses the same troops for defense, and nobody likes the troop perks. So why not have something new for troops like hero items. Every normal attack is against storm cannons, blazing knights, and stunning ogres (bonus - beast is Kaiser EVERY time. :frowning:). I would suggest something new for bad troops, but don’t add another CRAPPY troop.


Q3 : What is your dream to see in Royal Revolt 2 implemented in future?

A3 : Of course a lots of stuffs I have suggest in my topic 3.5-4.0 and 4.1-5.0 and also in one others topic I have made in 2017 in the past somehwere in suggestions section. If I have to choose only one. Well to up my fun in RR2.Its hard to choose too much wonderful stuffs…let me think…I know I like RPG,MMORPG and hack and slash,etc… So level up a hero,gear it up with strong and poweful gears its really cool.

So maybe I am tempting to say my suggestion about add RPG Style. When you raid its boring like when you raid in Ninja Event. So I think what this game need is a little touch of RPG not much to change the main style of the game but give him a little much fun. When you raid if that was possible to have drop loots. when you kill the beast and a items is on the floor. you look oh wow a lengendary item O.O. Each troops you kill or Beast will have a % of drops. Can be gold,voucher or by 100 kill 1 gem,etc…

For items themself.Pro items are in Pro League. Its logic and make sense. However if we can have something more interesting outside the Pro League will keep the interest of people in the game. You take by example Free player you only can get 1 ticket a month (Possible 4 if you farm gems and know how) I don’t think people enjoy Pro League at this point. What not create something more interesting. We have legendary,Uber,Pro sets. Pro its Pro the best items. Why not add something between. A little more strong than Uber but less than Pro but available via loots only. Its some sets you can loots. You can have. However you must be patient because can take 2 month,5 month or 1 year to find a full set

Army Sets (Army Head,Army Cape,etc…) If you find 3 of them you gain +50 damage with melee units. If you find 5 you gain +50 damage with Ranged. Find Full Sets will give +20% Damage with all units in offense. Of Course each items give their own stuffs. Like Army Head can give Resitance to Fire and Resistance Physical. Army Cape can be Leadership Boost and Start Morale,etc…

Power Sets (Power Head,Power Cape,Power Armor,etc…) : If you find 3 of them you gain +100 damage instant spells. If you find 5 you gain +100 damage with Touch and Go Spells. Find Full set will give +20% damage with all spells

Pals Sets (Pal Head,Pal Cape,Pal Ring,etc…) If you find 3 of them you gain +10% speed ability bar. If you find 5 of them you gain +10% speed ability bar and Pal deal +50 damage. If you find all the sets you gain Pal deal +5% damage and Pal speed ability +15%

and so on… Flare can create 5,10,15 sets…

Plus or less that. Of Course the sets must be not more powerful than Pro items but offer decent stuffs for the one who like to farm items

In other way I suggest to add something more fun about gear up the Hero and Raid.