General Newb Guide

This is a basic guide for new players. It starts after the completion of the guided tutorial, and it ends with the first play of the Odyssey at Ascension Level (AL) 20—at Heroes’ Temple Level 3. This guide is not relevant for players above AL-20, who may visit Warriornator’s valuable guide here.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just finished the in-game tutorial up to AL-4 and pondering next steps. Well, the Starter Boost Offer of multiple chests for 309 Gems can be taken if you’ve Gems to spare, but it is not necessary for game progress. If possible, take the Daily Gems plan—after all, wouldn’t that be the decent thing to do for the developers who gave you this fine game free of charge? ?


First things first, an overview…

(1.1) Resources: These are the things to be collected for game progression—

  • Gems —Receive this rare game money from the Quests, occasional charities from the game engine (via Zeus or Hades narrators), and the Gem chests (from Daily Gifts). Don’t spend but invest them wisely! 
  • Gold —Farm this game money by first upgrading the Gold Temple, and then by capturing Gold islands, and via Quests. Don’t hoard but spend on upgrades and alliance. 
  • Wisdom —Farm this game money by first upgrading the Theater of Dionysos, and then by capturing Wisdom islands. Save well and spend intelligently. 
  • Ambrosia —Farm this resource by first upgrading the Ambrosia Temple, and then by capturing Ambrosia islands. Spend on regular invasions; hoarding will only waste it. 
  • Dominance Points —These little horns become thorns when they don’t accumulate fast enough to reveal additional islands on your map. Collected in small increments from the Mount and captured islands, relief comes from Quests and lumpsum donations to the alliance. 
  • Trophies —These golden jugs are gained by island invasions. More successful invasions yield more Trophies. However, when an opponent defeats your island, you lose some Trophies. Note here that the more points you gain, the more attractive a target you become. So, increase this only when your defenses are good enough. 
  • Ascension Points —The all-important progression that calibrates your godly status, these points come mostly from Mount upgrades. Be careful with pushing this—the god that rises fast falls faster. 
  • Prestige Points —Available after upgrading the Heroes’ Temple to Level 2, these are accumulated by the Mount’s decorations to yield Celestial Boosts. As points accumulate, cost of boosting gets painfully high. So, save lots of Gems and invest in multiple extensions early on to massively stretch (by months) the duration of the boosts and their benefits. 
  • Fame Points —These trident-like icons are gained by winning battles in the Odyssey. Fame points depend on difficulty level of the battles, which you can set. 
  • Victory Points —These 8-pointed stars are gained by winning battles in alliance wars. Similar to Trophies, the number of points you receive varies for “siege”, “raid”, and “victory”. 
  • Torches —Flaming torches are collected for winning islands in alliance wars. One torch per conquered island. 
  • Fury —These burning helmets are the entry tickets (like Ambrosia) for battle in alliance wars. Fury gets accumulated one at a time per war hero over time throughout the duration of the war. You can do nothing else but wait for it. 

(1.2) Perks: Heroes, troops, and gear items have innate attributes/ abilities. The 20 perks/ stats available in the game are—

  • Damage —The amount of damage per strike (DPS) that the hero inflicts on the target. Its value is deducted from the target’s health points (HP) for each hit, i.e., if the hero has 100 DPS and the target has 200 HP, 2 hits would eliminate the target. 
  • Area Damage —Deals additional damage in a wide area in front of the hero. 
  • (Hit) Potency—Increases the DPS of equipped “damage”, “heal”, and “shield” powers. For e.g., in case of Medusa’s Gaze, this will improve the (small) damage component of the spell, but not the paralysis or damage multiplier. A spell like Bia will get no benefit from Potency because it doesn’t deal direct damage, heal, or shield.
  • Attack Speed —The rate at which the hero hits, thereby increasing the overall damage.  
  • Damage Reflection —Reflects a % of incoming damage in a cone-shape in front of the hero. 
  • Frostbite —The % chance to deal additional Ice damage and slow down the target. 
  • Demolition Chance —The % chance to remove 50% of the remaining HP of a tower or barricade. 
  • Petrify Chance —The % chance to temporarily turn the target into stone, inflicting 300% damage. Does not affect towers. Slows down the hero when cast by enemies. 
  • Stun Chance —The % chance to temporarily stop troops and towers from functioning. 
  • Health —The total life/ health points (HP), effectively the maximum amount of damage that can be withstood. 
  • Life on Hit —The amount of HP restored in the hero for every hit on a target. 
  • (Health) Regeneration—The % of HP restored per second after the hero avoids receiving damage for 5 seconds. 
  • Physical Resistance —Decreases incoming damage from physical attacks. Capped at 90%
  • Fire Resistance —Decreases incoming damage from fire attacks. Capped at 90%
  • Ice Resistance —Decreases incoming damage from ice attacks. Capped at 90%
  • Lightning Resistance —Decreases incoming damage from lightning attacks. Capped at 90%
  • Poison Resistance —Decreases incoming damage from poison attacks. Capped at 90%
  • (Movement) Speed—The speed at which the hero moves. 
  • Cooldown Bonus —Reduces the recharging/ waiting time between each use of a Power. 
  • Leadership —The rate at which the hero’s backup units are created during battle, as displayed by the morale bar refilling at the bottom of the battle screen. 

Note here that gear items can have a maximum of 2 stats, whereas heroes can have several. See section 4.1 below.

(1.3) Rarity: Gear and other items come in the following grades in increasing order of value—

  • Blessed (dark green)
  • Epic (light green)
  • Legendary (blue)
  • Eternal (purple)
  • Godlike (orange)
  • Titan (red), with named Titans called Unique items.

(1.4) Summary Tables: Below are summarized compilations of select gameplay mechanics from various sources and videos for a quick overview. 




(1.5) Recommended Videos:


Cheaters rush, honest players don’t. If you ascend too fast, then the game engine will match you with tougher players, and you will fail. Instead, follow this sequence of upgradation, circling back to the beginning at the end of the list. 

  1. Heroes’ Temple —All upgrades depend on this, so start here. 
  2. Gold Temple —All upgrades need Gold, so increase its production first. Note that there is ample storage for Gold, so it is deprioritized. 
  3. Ambrosia Storage —Traveling to various islands needs lots of Ambrosia, so storage is priority.
  4. Ambrosia Temple —Increase Ambrosia production after increasing storage, else the surplus may go waste.
  5. Theater of Dionysos —Unlocked at AL-10, this may not be priority before Gorgon Creek (the Medusa isles), but it will soon be. Many advanced upgrades require both Gold and Wisdom. 
  6. War Academy —As this directly impacts both your offense and defense, upgrade this on priority to access new fighting units and to upgrade existing units. 
  7. Units —Prioritize those units equipped on the heroes. Here, upgrade ranged troops (archers, sirens, trebuchets) and then close-combat troops (spearman, warrior). 
  8. Shrine of Power —Upgrade this to access new powers and to upgrade existing powers. 
  9. Powers —Prioritize the default/ base power of all your heroes. Then, upgrade other additional powers equipped on the heroes. 
  10. Guardhouse of Thanatos —Upgrade this to increase the number of waves of troops defending your Mount Olympus. 
  11. Waves —Upgrade this to unlock slots to add more/ bigger troops within each wave.  
  12. Barricades —Very limited in number, upgrade each barricade to the maximum, so they can slow down the invader and shield your expensive towers. Always barricade your most valuable towers.
  13. Hero Statue —Unlocked at AL-8, put your strongest hero and upgrade the statue to the maximum. 
  14. Towers —Use all free Artemis towers, but upgrade only 1 to the maximum to get the Artemis heroine. As higher towers become available, replace the Artemis towers with them. Upgrade one of each type of tower to the maximum. 
  15. Gate of Apollo —Upgrade this to access new defense structures and to upgrade existing structures. Also, helps to lengthen the invasion path. Note that once you upgrade the Gate, battle time will increase. 
  16. Alliance Donation —Daily donations are a good practice. It helps your alliance to grow and it also prevents you from being flagged as “inactive”. Depending on your Gold reserves, you can choose to upgrade the Alliance Hall of Uranus building. Always remember that least active/ contributing members can significantly weaken and even destroy an alliance. Don’t be their Trojan Horse!
  17. Ithacan Harbor —Unlocked at AL-20, upgrade this as and when it allows you, so you can increase the difficulty level of your Odysseys to get maximum Fame points. 
  18. Decorations —Build these ornamental things inside the gate and upgrade them if you want Celestial Boosts.
  19. Chamber of Gold —This building has quite a large storage capacity. Upgrade only when you’re hyperactive on invasions. 
  20. Library of Wisdom —Unlocked at AL-10, this building also has good capacity to store Wisdom. Initially, that may be enough, but later you may want to increase the capacity. 

This upgrade sequence is just simple common sense—first stand steady, then start walking. 


As the saying goes, it’s easier getting to the top than remaining there. In Olympus Rising, it’s easier to capture islands than to retain them. Losing captured islands means losing resource accumulation. So, a strong defense is important here. The 2 defense strategies to prevent the fall of your Gate of Apollo are:

  • Elimination —To weaken and kill the invading hero before the Gate falls. Generally effective against weaker opponents. 
  • Resistance —To slow down and delay the invading hero from destroying the Gate until the timer runs out. Generally effective against stronger opponents. 

(3.1) Gate of Apollo: Strong defense starts and ends with a strong gate. Your defense waves are spawned here. Note that the Gate is vulnerable to both fire and ice attacks. Place 2 of your best and fully upgraded towers before the Gate to slow down the invader. 

(3.2) Hero Statue: A fully upgraded statue looks intimidating and delays the invasion. The difference between your invader’s “victory” and “raid” could only be a few seconds. 

  1. Identify the hero with the maximum HP and prepare 1 fully defensive gear set. Here, avoid Stun Chance, Regeneration, and Speed stats on gear. Cooldown Bonus may also not be helpful in the few seconds the statue gets to resist. 
  2. Then, in gear-set Slot II (above the hero’s panel), equip the hero with these items. For details, see Section 4.3 below. 
  3. Finally, pick this hero for the statue and select Hero Item set II to equip the hero for strong defense. 

For newbs, start with Hercules.  Once Perseus gets strong enough with all 3 powers unlocked and upgraded to the maximum, replace Hercules to overwhelm the invader in the few seconds the statue fights.  Once Ajax’s all 5 powers are unlocked and upgraded to the maximum, replace Perseus. 

(3.3) Laying the Path: Avoid a straight path, twist it to slow down the invader.  Avoid parallel paths, as that enables long-range trebuchets and archers to attack the incoming defense unit/ structure well before even reaching it.  Place defensive structures (i.e., barricades and towers) at strategic points along the path where the invader doesn’t encounter the defense waves. This is because when defense units and structures are encountered simultaneously by the invading hero, s/he can cast powers that can simultaneously damage/ destroy both the defending units and structures. Spreading out structures and waves further slows down the invaders. Albeit, at higher ALs, with better towers, you can bunch the structures together to decimate the invaders. 

(3.4) Placing Towers: Generally, avoid placing 2 towers close by, as they could both be simultaneously damaged by physical attacks (trebuchets, Damocles).  If unavoidable, at least avoid placing 2 towers of the same type next to each other because one power cast in the middle can destroy both. Instead, alternate opposing type towers, e.g., ice tower followed by fire tower. 

(3.5) Placing Barricades: “L for Lost”… avoid placing 2 barricades to form an ‘L’ shape with their corners touching each other. One carefully cast power at that junction could weaken/ destroy both barricades simultaneously. 

(3.6) Configuring Defense Waves: In the Guardhouse of Thanatos, the 8 slots on each panel/ wave can hold units as per their “morale” value. When you upgrade each panel (not the Guardhouse itself), you increase the total morale of each wave. When equipping a unit, the number displayed on that unit icon is the morale required to create that unit, not the number of units created. Here, the bigger the unit, the more morale it needs. For e.g., if the wave shows 0/8, you can equip units totaling to 8 morale points. So, you can include: [8 spearmen] or [2 spearmen + 3 archers] or [1 spearman + 2 warriors + 1 siren].  

  1. Avoid equipping only 1 type of unit, as they can all be wiped out with a single power. 
  2. Starting with your biggest unit, fill the slots with a mix of both ranged and close-combat unit classes. 
  3. Check each unit’s resistance and weakness before placing them in the slots. Pick units to compensate for the others’ weaknesses. 

(3.7) Testing Defense Effectiveness: Once you’re done, test your defenses by invading your own Mount Olympus using your best hero on auto-play. If this hero dies, or achieves “siege” using Ambrosia/ Invocations, you’re ready for invaders. Until this, keep upgrading and reconfiguring your defenses. 


Offense is rendered via a strong hero and his/ her backup troops. 

(4.1) Selecting the Hero Following are the innate abilities of each hero. When fighting tough opponents, pick the hero who can overcome their defenses. 

  • Hercules —Damage, Health, Speed, Attack Speed, Life on Hit, Poison Resistance.
  • Prometheus —Damage, Regeneration, Fire Resistance.
  • Perseus —Damage, Health, Speed, Attack Speed. 
  • Ariadne —Leadership, Speed, Attack Speed, Regeneration, Petrify Chance. 
  • Ajax —Damage, Health, Speed, Physical Resistance. 
  • Odysseus —Damage, Health, Leadership, Speed, Ice Resistance. 
  • Helen of Troy —Health, Speed, Life on Hit, Cooldown Bonus. 
  • Cadmus —Damage, Health, Fire Resistance, Cooldown Bonus. 
  • Achilles —Damage, Speed, Fire Resistance, Ice Resistance, Poison Resistance. 
  • Jason —Damage, Health, Leadership, Speed, Life on Hit. 
  • Athena —Damage, Health, Speed, Lightning Resistance, Stun Chance. 
  • Artemis —Health, Speed, Attack Speed, Regeneration, Lightning Resistance. 
  • Zeus —Damage, Health, Life on Hit, Lightning Resistance, Stun Chance, Area Damage. 
  • Hades —Damage, Health, Leadership, Life on Hit, Fire Resistance, Cooldown Bonus, Area Damage. 

(4.2) Equipping the Hero: You may have looted some gear from your earlier invasions during the initial tutorials. Depending upon whether the hero is a shield-wielder (shield + weapon) or dual-wielder (2 weapons), there are 7/8 gear slots. 

  1. Now, go to the Inventory (via Hero Preparation Equip) and select the best gear for your hero from there. Check each gear slot for high values on their stats. The default (“Blessed”) gear will mostly have only 1 stat. Try to replace this with higher gear having 2 stats. If you want to go for a safe hero-build, pick the gear having “Damage” (with plain sword icon beside stat value) and “Health” (a single heart icon). Next best safe-stats are “Attack Speed” and “Life on Hit”. And, of course, don’t ignore “Leadership”. 
  2. Then, forge any other spare gear into this selected gear, in order to increase the stat value. Here, note that, for newbs, it is better to pick Epic gear instead of higher rarity, as they take a painfully long time and much Gold to forge. While forging, prioritize the 2 Ring/ Brooch/ Bracelet gear, as they can be shared with all heroes. 
  3. Finally, sell off any unwanted, higher gear, so that your Inventory doesn’t get full preventing new gear from coming in. 

Note here that balancing the overall hero stats is vital. Too much DPS could compromise survivability, but too much HP with no DPS could slow down the hero as enemies continue to resist longer. So, a balanced, “golden ratio” of Damage-to-Leadership-to-Health can be gleaned from the stat enhancements table presented immediately after leveling up a hero. Different heroes have different golden ratios. For e.g., Prometheus is balanced at a D-L-H ratio of 1:1:9, whereas Ajax shines at 1:4:60. 

(4.3) Optimizing the Inventory: Gear is critical to your hero’s offensive capabilities. At the start, you get 25 slots for storing gear, and then each additional hero opens up 10 more slots. Beyond that, slots need to bought with Gems. So, don’t hoard gear; be ruthless in housekeeping. Else, incoming gear cannot be stored and will get lost.   On top of each hero’s panel are 3 “gear set” buttons, with the first one selected by default. The below image shows the inventory clogged with both current, equipped gear and obsolete, unsaleable gear. Let’s see how to get rid of these unwanted items that are taking up valuable slot space. 

I request @GalaMorgane to please consider increasing the image upload limit for this post from 4.9 MB to, say, 10 MB. I have a few more explanatory images to share (indicated by placeholders in the post). Thank you ?.

Thanks for the impressive work! Are you teaming up with @oPelle for the wiki?

Missing Morales:

  1. Hydra —Dominance Level 15000 with Hercules; Morale  10
  2. Griffin —Dominance Level 45000 with Prometheus; Morale  12
  3. Phoenix —Dominance Level 110000 with Cadmus; Morale  14

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m unaware of @oPelle’'s work, but would certainly like to team up for the benefit of the player community. ?

Also @Warriornator has restarted a new account and has lots of data. You can contact him.

fantastic work for a newbie took a lot of work and devotion 2 thumbs up.

Yes great work Aries. ??

Our Cyclops has more important fish to fry (war fix + new forging system). It’s a task @GalaMorgane can surely help.

This is awesome work @AriesRising! Did you make the graphics yourself?

If you don’t mind, I’ll point out a couple of things that could be corrected also.

1.2 Perks
(Hit) Potency—Increases the DPS of all equipped Powers. 

Potency affects damage spells as well as heal and shield spells. So for a spell like Medusa’s Gaze, it will improve the (small) damage component of the spell, but not the paralysis or damage multiplier.  A spell like Bia will get no benefit from Potency because it doesn’t deal direct damage, heal, or shield.

1.4 - War Calendar.
The start of war and war prep phase changes based on the war mode.

4.3 - Gear Set #1
All gear can be sold. It just has to be unequipped everywhere. So for hero specific gear, this means it needs to be unequipped on all 3 paper dolls. For baubles it means it needs to be unequipped on all heroes as well.

10 - General tips
Open the game daily, at least to collect the Daily Gifts. If you don’t visit for 7 continuous days, the game will flag you as “inactive”, badly harming your alliance. If you do decide to quit the game, first politely exit the alliance. That’s basic courtesy too.

I think it’s actually 14 days.

@dumpster - Thanks so much for the specific feedback. It will benefit new players. 

Reg. war calendar, I came to know recently that there are 3 types of war: Duel, Incursion and one more. If you/ someone could please let me know the start day, time and duration of each type, I will update the post accordingly. 

Reg. selling obsolete gear, I’ve modified the images to explain the procedure better. 

Reg. the “inactive” flagging, I’ve updated the duration as 14 days; didn’t dare to test it as it will affect my alliance. Hope the number is correct. ?

And Yes, I created the illustrative images using MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Paint. 

You did a very nice job with your images, especially the masteries!

@AriesRising buddy you have done a very good work here and if you don’t mind when did you started playing OR?

I started it last year somewhere around mid August.

I wish I had to his guide back then but now I don’t need it anymore.

Also if you need any help with OR then. I can provide that too.

This is really excellent. Thank you for the time you have taken to create this.

Inactivity is, in fact, currently 7 days. After 30 days you will be auto-kicked from the Alliance.

Helios max is level 9 to fill in another piece. Great work.

From the first to the fourth mastery the increase in fame required is increasing. From your fifth mastery you will always need 300 points of fame to be able to choose a new mastery.}


Good Job


Someone shared this image a long time ago, I hope it serves you. The image have 1 error with the Physical Defense.


Much honored by your kind words. ?

I started last month & wrote this soon after I crossed AL-20. The guide is exactly my experience after the guided tutorial was over. I was suddenly left alone. I hunted throughout this Forum but couldn’t find a cohesive compilation of beginner-level info. The video guides gave vital “what-is” info on game mechanics, but a prescriptive “how-to” survival guide was unavailable. I had 2 choices: Quit or Blunder Through.

My first war was a rout & thoroughly demotivating. Then, my alliance seniors gave me useful tips & tricks. I spent as much time on this Forum as in the game to dig out that rare gem—random forum comments from @Warriornator , @Tomaxo , @dumpster , @Infamous , yourself, and of course, our Blessed Cyclops. In a sense, you all are the parents of this guide. 

In my previous game, I came to know that lack of gameplay info at the beginning stages is one of the main causes of new player attrition. Until the newb is invested (in terms of time, effort & money) in the game, quitting is relatively easy. I am extremely selective in video games, and I picked OR (besides 1 other game) among 100s I checked out & rejected over the last couple of years. To say the least, I found the astronomically huge graphical & programming effort behind this game—all offered to me free of cost—deserved my time, not to mention money. I can easily see that the developers had truly poured their heart & soul into this game (so, let’s address these creators with great respect). ☺️

By AL20, I had fallen in love with Olympus Rising… and wanted the game to survive & grow. At my level of juniority, minimizing newb attrition was the only thing I could do to contribute. Thus, this guide… ?

It is certainly the case that at some point we need to slow down on new features at the top end and start guiding player through the game better. Thanks for your insight (and the insight of others who have also given the same tip).

I think you have the right idea with not allowing odyssey until you reach level 30, for example. New features just need to be level locked like that is, and spaced so you don’t unlock too many things too quickly. 

Just wanted to add that this is very impressive overview that should be posted/ moved as a permanent link. 

I don’t understand this statement. Odyssey is unlocked only at Ascension 20. Nyx tower and Helios Tower unlocked at Ascension 60. i don’t know what other feature you have in mind a part those 2?

The others thing like War Season you need a Alliance with 8 members to participating. Monster Island need a cap dominance to unlock them. So defeat Medusa,Minotaur,Cyclop,Hydra,Griffin and Phoenix need time and you need to progress to unlock them

Same in defense,power and unit. You need a specific level of Gate of Apollo,War Academy or Shrine of Power to unlock each stuffs. Need time

So I don’t see well what stuffs you unlock too fast at same time or what you are refering to? can you elaborate on this? Because since I have restart in April I don’t have encounter anything where all stuffs was all at the same time. You unlock stuffs in average time depending of your progression in the game.