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I’m new at this game so I may be missing something. When going into battle, you choose your paladins etc. They seem very slow to catch up during a battle. When upgrading do they speed up? Mine are around level 4 and my throne room is level 6 I think. Any thoughts or advice?

You can start forging their speed when they are level 6:

Thank you!


level / forge your knights instead, they will be more useful to you. paladins become not very useful very quickly as you get stronger.
shouldn’t be to hard to find alliance with knight boost.

LOL, ever tried using the paladin pro boost + paladin normal boost?

Really good against like 99% of bases and very very useful up top. so not useful when you get stronger isn’t quite right. its like bell curve. Think beginning of the game its pretty good, then starts to suck at around Fourofjacks level and then becomes really useful a bit later :wink:

So forge it, upgrade it and you will thank me in a year time :slight_smile:  

But he is very right, use your knights and archers for now and don’t worry about much else. The combo of Knight,Archer,Wolf will be good for about the first year of your gameplay (assuming you are progressing) and eventually will be replaced by other more expensive troops once you become higher leveled in both the game and the wars. 

Would add as soon as you can unlock Blasters replace the archer without a doubt and forge the range first. I was little late taking that advice and it is well worth it.

yes i have used paladin pro boost + paladin normal boost. Maybe you should play up top first, and then comment on what happens up top.  :grinning:

chances are knights will live with most players well past your first year of gameplay. If new players have too many pearls to spare, by all means forge paladin as well. But I suggest speed on knights first, and to try into a alliance with knight boost soon as possible

LOL. Check first. Fourofjacks level is a lot more advanced than yours. :grinning:

Also, I have to agree with him. I have both troops highly forged and tried with Boostpala + Pro-Pala level 4 I think.

I still prefer the knights. Would still prefer them if the annoying Dragon animation would not be there…

Also, less morale points for knights can be an advantage using Aska or Ceres.

Achoo, didn’t know that playing up top for like 3years+ meant i didn’t know what was going up on top wars. lol

Yes, you may be higher level than me partly, however you don’t have the skill and understanding of how this game works (such as our loser bonus problem) where you made critical errors in not understanding how the loser bonus system was just dumb and needed to be remixed. 

you can have your preferred troop and I personally also believe that the knight is one of the most useful troop (like you) pretty much throughout the game starting as the powerhouse and turning into the lightning tower sponge. However, paladins recent boosting prooves that its a more useful troop when it comes to being a sponge and has the ability to stun enemy troops/turn them to stone which is something your local knight can’t do. Yes, they may cost more morale, but you out of all people know that once you are “advanced” that’s normally not a problem.  As you are a player of mid-wars, you wouldn’t understand how this paladin was legit a god to take down Rl and Apoc bases without scrolling (using old war gear). As i said, consider joining top wars before you start criticizing a player whos been there for most of their rr2 gaming. 


Playing up top for 3years+ does not mean you have a good understanding of the game, common misconception that doing something longer means you know more. There are plenty of examples of this in this game. But humor me, what experience playing up top for 3 years do you have? You keep talking big, but don’t back it up.

You are also confusing knowledge and understanding, what you (and Keith) have is knowledge of how LB works, which I agree with. But there is a lack the understanding of how it is applied in practice in different situations - other than the one that keeps getting repeated of lower guys vs top 120 fief alliance. Need I remind you how you confidently called me into discord to clarify if VL would always win, only for Cromka to unequivocally tell you otherwise, where you 1) tried to claim you were mis-understood / bad grammar 2) finally accepted you were just plain wrong.

As I mentioned in the other thread also, go through my points from 1 - 5, if you think I have it wrong, and point out where it is wrong. So far no one has done so.


According to me it is a matter of preference and ones strategy as for me Knights are always better than the Paladins, however, for some other player it could be opposite so instead of indulging into a meaningless conversation, we should end it here and let it be.


if strongsoon thinks that Paladins are better than knights then it is good for him and if I thinks that the knights are better than paladins then it must be good for me. The only thing matters is winning a war whether we win it with knights or with paladins.

Ive won the pro league multiple times, (shows skill in raiding) and normally come top 20-50 every month.  Yes, ive played in top war but i have played in many different levels of the game and am experienced in all aspects of it.

I made some errors in my message and I admit, my bad. However, you were wrong and you lost the argument and trying to bring me down with you isn’t working. Vl has a significantly higher skull perk than most alliances and can beat everyone in 1v1 (assuming no loserbonus and no slacking which was something i forgot to mention and was only thinking about subconsciously)

Keith and i have a good understanding of how the lb system works and know the system inside out pretty much on how to use it to our advantage however its a system that needs to be reworked and changed. And i was confident in calling you onto discord to clarify with VL that they would always win if they had no loserbonus additions which i was verified, however you quoted me and changed the point leading to cromka saying otherwise which is out of my hand. If i quoted you every single time and made it fit my statements you wouldn’t even be quoting me anymore. And for the benefits for both of us, stop quoting me cause i won’t be responding to your invalid pointless comments that are bringing only shame to yourself. I am viewing my opinions and don’t need to be told i can’t do so cause i know what im doing and your not quite at that stage. experience levels, hero level don’t matter without a character who knows how to run an alliance and play the game. 

I personally believe that the knight is one of the best troops in the game throughout all levels from the start to end, however, i was criticising how you were incorrect in thinking they were useless up top. guess you don’t know much about this game…

talking big again, back it up. Which is your IGN with that gold star? have you even been in a top 50 alliance?

 To refresh your memory above is what you said back then about VL

I suppose it is easy to confuse what you wrote originally that you actually meant assuming no loserbonus, given that is completely different to what you wrote.

I never said paladins were useless up top, but what would you know about being up top? You keep talking about it, but seems like you have never played up top.

Just the same as you lack understanding about LB, you lack the understanding required to give basic, straight forward advice for new players. And that is to get their knight stronger first. I can say there is a good chance new players will not be using a paladin pro + normal boost within a year. And if they were good enough / payed enough money to do so, then they would not be the type of player needing to come on to ask for this basic question.

I’m not all talk and have many friends in many of the top alliances who could back up with my statements of being an ex-top player and have won the pro league multiple times.

Why should I tell you my ign, can’t you just look at my profile on the forums, it says it there. xD

Have I ever been in a top 50 alliance? more like have been the leader of a top 50 alliance.

Legit last war I was in Todestritter so I suppose I’ve never been in a top alliance war before considering you did say that a low rank of 1 isn’t good enough for your standards :grinning:  

And what dumb idea did you get thinking that I have never been in a top war and have no understanding of how this game works. Sounds like a scared guy who doesn’t want to have his weaknesses out there. 

And this has nothing to do with the new player not having a knight forged cause that is what we both stated. however, the paladin becomes useful which is where you went wrong and gave incorrect info.


@Delhi Forge the knight as your primary focus, for now, start off with its speed and then alternate between health and attack damage

Make sure you spend any spare pearls/gold onto upgrading your paladin as you will find it useful later on in the game where you will be able to use it as one of your primary troops


Taking some text that doesn’t exist… Yes, I did write that however deleted it almost instantly so you are just quoting something that I had not actually published really. A slight reword was intended with the intention that “regardless” was meant to be saying not included would mean they would be able to win. Feel free to stop quoting me so I don’t need to reply to dumb messages cause it brings me no joy to see you fight over me for no reason at all. As I said on discord, there is no need for there to be tension between us, I guess you just don’t play nice do you. :wink:


Ok we are on the same page now. Found it amusing you were pretending your main account was in the low level alliance burninator to try get your point across in the other thread. Never believed you weren’t “strong soon” in game, just goading you to say yourself so it is clear. The leader of Burninator at the time you were in todes was oddly very low rating, so assumed it was (one of) you secondary accounts.

and so we are 100% clear the same strong soon that got banned:

anyway somewhat brave of you to admit to playing multiple accounts given the previous (temp) ban. I hope for your sake flare doesn’t revisit the ban, or that no one else reading this submits a ticket to investigate. It seems there are other players on forum that are not happy with mutl-account PL players getting high scores, and certainly not ones that boast about being able to get high PL scores consistently.

Just go look at our posts times in the thread, my post quoting yours was like ~40mins later. Doesn’t seem likely you edited instantly.

Or maybe by instantly, you actually mean after our discussion on discord where you admitted your mistake, to cover up your tracks like a pro. Why even bother going to such lengths? pretending you have a different main account, editing posts after the fact, making up further stories here to try “prove your point.”

don’t worry, no hard feelings on my side, i enjoy being right / proving others wrong. I can do it all day long without breaking a sweat.

a strange feeling that I hacked your private messages and read them

lol what?

Hello there,

It’s awesome that you guys are giving some useful advice to a new player, but please guys keep it civil :slight_smile:

You may both have a different play style and that’s fine! Strategy is a big part of the game and it’s great to see you all using various combo and upgrading different troops.

Play the way you like as long as you are enjoying it and having fun!  :wink:

Many thanks,