GENERALS wanted 'lord of the lords'

lord of the lords Now Recruiting members with experience and great leaderships for general position and normal members!! 

Conditions to apply:

  • Heroes lvl70+

  • 2,500 crowns

  • Daily Donation 50,000 (tower alliance lvl 6)


Information on the alliance:

Rank: currently 450

Level: 35

Members: 28/40

Gold Bonus: + 29%

Tax Bonus: + 10%

Number of fiefs: 27


Requirements of Member:

  • Make the daily donations to improve the alliance

note; rarely activate boost, money used for levelling up alliance

  • Participate in ALL alliance war battles

  • Be actively playing

  • Be active in chat


Leader: lord pugington




NB; for General Position; add lord pugington as a friend then quote ‘gens’

recruiting again!!! check us out


lord of the lords

general needed