Genie & Master

Let’s introduce us with a slogan.


Genie & Master is the best musical band of the 21st century. the Wonderful voice of Muse.

And now:  Genie and Master - the best alliance of the 21st century. Integrity, Friendship and cash-free. Genies and Masters of the game are already here. Are you?


A week ago we started our alliance. We are a fast growing team and are looking for new enthousiastic members to join our team.


Our devices are:

  • Have fun
  • Integrity
  • Friendship
  • Cash-free, no pay to win
  • Private life is important
  • All members are important
  • Be a team member and support your team

We set up some basic requirements for members looking forward to join us:

  • Trophy rank 3000+ or hero rank 75+
  • Daily donation of 100k or have plans to upgrade your donation to 100k daily, 50k is minimum. We do our best to be a cash free alliance. for that reason, daily donations are important
  • Actively fight during war seasons
  • English language preferrable
  • Team player
  • Adore to chat
  • Love to have fun, enjoy the game

We help to improve the bases of our members all the time, without the need for cash. Did we get your attention, are you excited and willing to join us?


Don’t hesitate any longer and contact Dena4 or Edward the 7th.

Good luck with your alliance Dena, and I wish you guys the best of luck(if you even need it(which I don’t think you need)), and btw I big fan of you guys #genie&master

Jack is my name, Atlas.


Thank you for wishing us (we have a lot of ladies in our team, so ladies and gentleman would be better) best of luck, we appreciate it very much.


Have good luck Atlas, and enjoy the game.


Hey, Atlas, want to raid my base endlessly? Without taking any risk?

You can join us.

Think of this: If you join, you will be a part of the team. You will be trained and protected. But you will stop jumping. Our members are stable.

Why not just revive Marsupia and change the name? xD

Offtopic but very simple answer.


I have never been member of Marsupia and a lot of members neither. When you check out our new alliance, you will find out that I am the leader of the alliance, not Edward :slight_smile:


Now ontopic again please. No need for this kind of stuff on our alliance topic.


Wobbly, Marsupia belongs to [_The Ark_] now. I traded it for the promise of safety for all it’s members.


Now, The new sun rises at the horizon, a Genie & Master alliance, under the leadership of Dena4. Friendship, Integrity, cash-free and, a lot of fun!!!


Please come to visit us after the season. We welcome all our friends :slight_smile:

We are looking for players who adore war season, love to chat, arent’ afraid to have fun and just like to enjoy the game cash-free.


Are you the team player we are looking for? What are you waiting for, don’t sit back, contact us.


YOU can be our next team member, in our alliance your Royal Revolt dreams will come true.


animal jammer is right, but another and a better reason is that Dena is there…yah that’s an actual reason. I might not have a very nice relationship with any of them but I’m a man who wont say not to join this or that alliance, and i can just leave the topic alone but heck why not support them than keeping quiet(that’s what my counselor says(to take action rather than keeping quiet)) and this might even make a better relationship with Dena and some other peoplez

So, what does your counselor says about us? Or maybe you’d better ask a Solicitor, or a Barrister…

Come on, we don’t bite. You cam come for a visit.

Atlas, My name is Jack. And our relationship with you isn’t bad at all, even Edward offers you to visit us :wink:


I am not the secret of success for our alliance, teamwork is.  Sure… It’s a fact that I took care and responsibility for the members during very hard periods in the past, was a listening ear and even protected every member, by helping them to get rid of ‘secret admirers’ and improving their bases. I did just what good leaders would do. Keeping a great team together.


Nevertheless nowadays members all feel important, happy and take their responsibility and they really like it the way it works now. Most of our members are very active now, that’s a very good signal.


You can see our device in the footer Atlas. So you are welcome, feel free to visit/join us.


Thanks for the words of invitation, it really boosts my self esteem, but I will join…when the time is right, I’ve done enough alliance jumping for a while and I think I am gonna take brake

Like we said, you are more than welcome Atlas.

You have a great and fair playing alliance:) i hope i can visit you soon again:) very funny in chat by you:)


Kooterville is storm canon I guess and Edward the howling Wolf (link to music :stuck_out_tongue:


You have the best boosted member in your alliance! It s so unfair :slightly_frowning_face: