Genie & Master

A cool player can be froster or blizzard and a hip person frenzy blaster. A warm or energetic person firestorm, firebolt or pyro.


I wonder who gets the title hammerstrike, sonic blast, swordrain, tough barricade and so on?


We can also use the name of scrolls, like armageddon, time warp and blessing for nicknames.

MasterC, thanks for your encouragement. We like your independent and politics-free [_The Ark_] alliance, the best top alliance, a new wind, rising in this game.


You are always welcome. :slight_smile:

Game’s purpose is having fun, and we have decided to really do.


Today, Tracy got this excellent creative idea to call all the members by the nicknames and characters from the game.

I first thought about granny, but then have recalled that Mischreiber was calling me the Phantom Gray Wolf…

Tracy can find you a nickname too.

Haha, i have an excellent idea for the tough barricade: Gutten Tag!!!

He always says he’s a tough head…

I have no idea what’s goin on in this thread…

Well, Silver, you can have fun only if you are with us…

Out there it’s too cold.

Neh, its summer I need the cool

Let me congratulate you for having such a great alliance, you both seem to be very dedicated to it :slight_smile:

The Genie & Master continue growing. More top raiders have already joined us.


And now - a free slot again we have.


If you came to this game to have fun, join us and become a part of our winning team.


P.S. : We have a special bug in our recruitment procedure… Players without sense of humor cannot join… Sorry.

I’m sorry Edward, rules are rules…we’re gonna have to let you go(you made a horrible joke yesterday and I never forgave you for making such a bad joke)


But the chicken crossed the road so she can earn her chicken legs :’(, if you don’t get that ill explain. So a person is brave and goes at sea and stuff they earn their sea legs, so if a chicken has the balls(lol what am I saying chickens are females) to cross the road(which is a stereotype)they earn the “chicken legs”

And why can I make such bad jokes…because I can!!!



<3, ill come back if u guys let me, when the time is right of course ^^


Silver, you were fighting with us till the end of the season and this is very respectful behavior. We all appreciate this. Welcome back anytime. It’s cold outside.


Actually, you ran away because you were nominated the Joke-Meister… Chicken…

I just crossed the road to earn my chicken legs(and no I am not letting this joke go, it’s hilarious, and originality is very hard so its the only one I got) is the link to the great edward the 7th and his beloved wife(I think it is), and I really suggest you subscribe to them, might not be my taste of music but…its the crazy ed, and his crazy wife( I hope she isn’t o.0) they are amazing, I think a new rule should be is that if you join Genie & Master you have to subscribe to them

Silver, you’ve got a healthy humor. I like it. Thanks for posting this amazing youtube link… My “wife” can’t be as crazy as myself, cause " -" and " -" don’t match together. So, she definitely must be " +"…


Anyway, the position of the alliance Joke-Meister will stay vacant, until you return. It will be waiting for you.


But running too fast with the chicken legs, you’re getting of topic though. This thread is about the greatest Alliance ever, Genie and Master. Formed by the “biggest heart” leader in this game, Dena4.


We now have a special offer for all the leaders in RR2: If you are tired from the stress of leadership and want to play an easy game, just for fun as a casual player, no need to quit the game! Just leave your alliance to one of your Generals and come to us.