Get back my account

After upgrading my phone, and installing the Royal revolt 2, I have lost my account which is at the level 83. I can’t restart the game from it’s beginning. And this is the second time I’m in the same trouble. Please help me get back my progression. I was used to update my phone without losing account but now, I don’t know what the fuck is going wrong with the game! I need to play this ninja’s event.

It doesn’t happened with me. I am using the game on three devices and it is working fine. You can send an account request to Flaregames.

You need to send in a ticket to the Flare support team. Give them all your In-Game info. For instance: Your IGN, an estimate on how many gems you had when you lost your account, king level, probably should throw in some of your castle upgrades as well. Here’s the link to support:

Hope all goes well for you!

thanks guys

hi TAry, the last time i update my phone i have the same problem, but it was because i have sign in with a different e-mail , then when i correct that the game ask me to sync my account with the phone, also it can happend when you enter your facebook account, the game gives you the chance to choise wich account you want to use. i hope it can help you getting your account back

Yeah, when I first lost my account, I forgot to link it to OneDrive, cause I didn’t think about my laptop ever breaking. But this time I was prepared, I put all my documents that I wanted to keep on it, along with RR2. So, when I get my laptop back, or even get a new one, I’ll be able to hop right back into the game!