Get Gems By watching ads and buying with coins

Hello Developers & Royal Revolties…
Sometimes with offers and the daily gems, not all players cannot buy the in-game purchases so why not add these 2 options?
1.Buying Gems with money
100 gems = 1.5m
200gems = 2.5m
500gems = 5.5m

To make the game stable:
these gems can be bought with coins only once per day

2.getting gems by watching ads
100 gems per ads like watching an ad to get that hourly legendary chest
or 50 gems or 25 per hour of ad watching

Note to developers: think of it, the more players watch the ads, the more profits and more development in the game…

Thank You and please vote… :slight_smile: :wink:

Flare is no charity company, when they would implement this, their revenue would drop to zero and they definitely would go bankrupt in no time.

So it’s an unrealistic proposal you make here. Conclusion, this will never be implemented.

There is no stability on giving gems away for almost free. I can easily get 1M+ gold per raid, so that would be an easy gem creator. If they implement what you propose, in less than 2 months anyone can unlock rune slot 4 without discount (25K gems required).

You can gain more than enough gems for free already. And you can also reach max without paying a single dime, only thing you need is to invest time.

You only need gems to upgrade AT, unlock BS slots, upgrade conquest buildings and unlock rune slots. Just don’t spend them on anything else.

When you participate war season, conquest, ninja event and even on festivals and daily collect your chests, you should be able to gain more than enough gems to upgrade all to max. It costs time, that’s for sure. I even on purpose didn’t mention dungeons, pro league and quests. These would even give gems.

Even asking for 100 gems by watching ads? Don’t get me wrong, but that’s totally unrealistic.


just suggesting…and some people dont think like u…i said 50 or 25 per hour

lol… gem is the main source of income and you are asking to cut gems…

The sources we obtain gems currently are completely fine… It’s actually upto us on how we can manage our gems… It’s like this, “There’s enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed”…

I have seen this in my alliance as well… We need to manage our gems and we will be able to upgrade our stronghold units and alliance tower to max… Players in my alliance use gems at lower level to buy pro tickets and complain about not being able to get enough gems for everything…

When I was new to this game, I even spent gems to buy uber chests and pal chests… Now I simply save up my gems I earn and use them wisely during discount events…

If you are in higher comquest toer, you can directly earn gems from conquest chests… If you are in lower conquest tier, you get vouchers which you can save and exchange in return of gems… It’s convenient…

This is from a guy who has not spent a penny in this game… As you advance in level/trophy, you’ll find more gems from ninja event chests as well… Hope this helps… (Suggestion: Do not waste your gems in reviving and using scrolls unless it’s war/conquest; in such cases make sure you buy enough phoenix token from festival shop we see after each conquest)…

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i know that flare is not a charity company…but they get money when players watch the ads and in turn the players would get gems…

You clearly suggested 500 gems can be exchanged for 5.5M gold once per day. When this would be implemented we could gain 15K gems per month for free. A big pack of 20k costs 100$ without discount. Do you really expect 75$ on gems per month for free?

That does not make any sense.

Just by watching videos we already can get more than enough gold from the legendary chests when we open those.

It’s not the way I think, the suggestion you do, is literally being greedy, you ask too much. If I am correct on Android and ioS you can use ironsource for earning extra gems. It’s another story whether they give you the gems or not.

Even watching video commercials for an hour makes no sense. We run out of videos pretty fast, so I bet watching them for an hour is not even possible in many regions. Vungle will say you ran out of videos. Keenflare sure gets some income for watching videos, but I bet dozens of videos must be watched before a single cent is given by Vungle.

They Don’t… :joy::joy::joy: Those survery ads are literally fake… and those games they ask us to play in exchange for gems… We need to spend money on those games to get gems here on RR2 platform, which is insane, given that we can get more gems by spending that amount here in rr2…

I did once, way before, succeed to get 400 gems by playing Lords Mobile and upgrading the castle in that game to lvl 12 (which was quite easy)… After that first successful attempt, I tried with another game called Arms/Guns of Commander (I guess) but didnt receive my gems there…

In my region, I rarely get videos… If this idea is to be implemented, it wouldnt be fair to everyone… Those with more ad receiving region will benefit more… Moreover, i doubt if it depends region-wise… because When I play this game on my laptop (through MS store), I dont receive ads at all… When I connect to other wifi when I am at my relatives’ house, I fail to get ads… It’s not really region-wise, I guess…


I think you have lost the plot… Not being mean but every game has a mechanism to monetize …
for RR2 its gems.
so if your stuck… try the following
Never relife or scroll
never use any in chest of fortune
wait for events to get cheaper upgrades…
if you use windows see if you can get bing rewards gift cards then you can buy daily gems for free

There have been no ads in my region for a year - and they are still gone. As I write about it I get the info that I have to report to … - and there I get the answer that : there are no ads in my region. it is unfair to a certain group of players playing on windows systems😢

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Then install bluestacks and then collect the chests with the android app.