Get "starter packages"

On android I constantly get “starter pack” offers but on my windows phone I got them twice and that’s all, have put money on both and on windows I’m just waiting for the pack… But it doesn’t happen,wth?

This is not a bug , to get the package you must have less gems than the offer.Let say the offer is 500 gems , so you will only get it if you have less than 500 gems maybe around 350 or lower.Usually you will be offered the package after you level up and do a couple of raids.


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Sweet thanks for the knowledge

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its really annoying i cant get the offers after collecting the gems by playing.

Yea, its rigged to make $$$ for RR2. Cant fault em for that.


Best thing to do is get about 2-300 gems so the packages start comming. Then save all achievements, especially those that will give you the rest (some of the 250 gem rewards). When the offer comes in that you want, cash in your achievement rewards and reap the rewards.