getting attacked depends on... ?


two questions here:


  1. I was used (maybe 2 weeks ago) getting attacked a lot. Like 20 times in 2-3 hours. Now i get attacked only a few times a day. Asking in my alliance i get answers between “every few mins, i can barely keep heroes outside my base” and “i get never attacked, maybe one time a day”. So on what is that based? Is there a way to influence the frequence of getting attacked (not talking about alliance attacks, just regular ones)?
  2. Is there a way a hero can be sent back to my base without spawning an enemy on the lost island? Not moving him by myself or entering a war…


Thanks in advance!

It depends on your ascension lvl and your trophy count. Basically a low lvl can’t ‘keep’ a high trophy count for long, as it pushes them into the trophy range of higher lvl players.  Those higher lvl players will overcome your defence easily compared to players of your own lvl.  So if you don’t want to be attacked often, lower your trophy count, don’t just build your defence up, work on other buildings to ‘balance’ things. 

I have a low average trophy count for my ascension lvl and maybe get attacked 1-2 times a day. Rarely my heroes get returned to Olympus.  Also the higher lvl your heroes the more attacks it takes to send them back :grinning:  

Thanks for the answer! So if i want to get attacked more often again (to gain jewels from used spells against me) i should get more trophys (for example with attacking) and stop increasing the ascension lvl if i get this right.


Since my secound question is not answered yet i will give some context to it:  A friend of mine is getting attacked a lot. He wont get gold/wisdom because all his heroes are getting back to base frequently. On the one hand he should upgrade his defense, because if you don’t lose the battle, your hero won’t get back. On the other hand if he doesn’t upgrade his defense he won’t get attacked that much. So what to do? Ascension lvl 50/2,4k trophys which sounds ok to me. Losing about 50/50, but getting attacked very often.

Maybe you have some advise. Mine was:

Put the lowest two heroes on some near ambrosia islands. If you lose this islands you can attack “for free” (getting as reward for the fight ambrosia back you used to travel there). So your other heroes are save and grow ressources.

Worked fine for me. Now my friend tells me, that on the island he was with his heroes are no enemys. He is just back in his base without losing this island. I dont understand how this is possible, hence i asked in my first post if he can be right with this.


Thanks in advance!

  1. Lower level players get attacked more than higher level players, typically.

  2. players with lots of trophies for their level get attacked more than players with fewer trophies for their level, typically.

  3. players who attack more often get attacked more than players who don’t attack often.

Some combination of those 3 things determines why he gets attacked and not you. I also think that there is still just some weird code where some players get attacked less than others, irrespective of what they do or what level they are. They claimed to have fixed this once, but you know. Maybe not.

I don’t think that’s right for the first 2 points. I am in Lvl: 126 but have only 8k trophies but attacked, but I see 100lvls players have 10k trophies being not attacked. Secondly, I am more often attacked by players lvl: 130 & 131. Not sure Y…

The third point seems to be acceptable, as I only attack islands which yield more trophies that too with Zeus and Hades(2*2=4), which is like 60 trophies.

To equate this, I am being attacked more often to reduce the gained trophies(above said 60). I think you’re more prone to be attacked if you gain trophies through Zeus and Hades.

PS: Today, alone I was attacked like 10 times. Each time, I login, I see some trophies lost, but I am not being attacked while I am online… So, not to be attacked, stay online 24*7. LOL…

You have super low trophies for your level. 

Thanks for the answers!

So if i get this right **IllidanVishnu **is rellativly high, has (as you both say) low trophies for his level and attacks seldom. According to the 3 points he should not be attacked very often. Since this is not the case this souds strange to me. So if its not the


thing there must be some other criteria…


Maybe the level of the Hero-Statue matters? As the description text states:

Then again **IllidanVishnu **will have this at max lvl, too i guess…


After all  i am not too pleased with both questions, but thanks for trying to help. If someone can give some clarification i would be glad.



Hero statue has nothing to do with it. But when you are high level with low trophies you get put in a weird category, I think, where you get exposed to a wide range of enemies 

@dumpster Yes, that is true. I am being attacked by Lvls: 130 & 131 on daily basis and Top ten world players like Mani (Thrice)… :slightly_frowning_face:   :slightly_frowning_face:  … Just as I was typing, I was attacked three times within a span of  30mins.


@Typ Correct, my Hero Statue has been maxed out and also a LVL 20 hero (Perseus)… But, unlike others my hero dies out quickly, though he has 75% physical resistance and other 3 resistance to a 50%… I can only assume this to be a bug, as already stated by somebody in another thread…

Day by day, new bugs creep out. lol… This is also entertaining… Just waiting for the developer themselves to kill the game So I can stop playing this addictive game …

Resistances don’t make a statue good. I have no idea why the devs went after resistances first, except to think that they’ve never tried to build a high end statue themselves. 

I am not sure, what makes the statues good. Some statues are so strong and some die with just two attacks…

nothing has changed, they took 100 trophies in 1 hour and 30 minutes as soon as I passed 18k. @CaptainMorgan please intervene seriously and let us return the desire to play and be active by removing these stupid and useless cap. Right now the only thing that makes Olympus Rising is to take up memory on the PC

Life on hit. 

I’m  talking about a change they made well over a year ago. There were some players who, irrespective of any other factors, got matched way less than other players. Meaning some players also got matched way more often. They said they fixed it, but i’m not sure.

I also strongly doubt that there is a lot of random element thrown into the matchmaking, because there are about 10 players I constantly see on my map. I can take their island and 30 minutes later they’ll be back on.

Sorry Selecta1, you win the prize here. Nero33 and Jozu too (although I try not to hit Jozu often!).

I agree that there are players who are constantly on the map, Jozu always appears to me too. The other problem is the high number of attacks that are received when you exceed certain limits, so it is not convenient to attack and you lose interest in the game, and at this time saw the discontent for the forges and bugs that are moving away more and more players would be important for Olymus Rising to try not to increase the loss of interest.

In a schematic way:

if I attack over the cap instead of going forward I go back> then I do not attack> I lose interest> I abandon the game … combined with the other factors that have lost interest means the death of the game

They said they were going to address that. I don’t think they have yet though.

the number of attack is always enough random. Sometime I got only 1 or 2 attack in few days and other time. I can get 10 attack a day. The system is strange but its not really that who disturb me its more how the trophy matchmaking is make. Why I have found today someone at Ascension 78 (+12 than me) with 1,325 trophy only for +3 . How I can be match with a 1,300 trophy when I have close 3,300. Give me players around me. I don’t care about some player who try to cheat to gain gems. Give me honest players who have 3000

Sometime its worst I am match with player at Ascension 76-78 full boosted with over 4,000 trophy who give me just +3. I use sometime some scrolls to beat them.

I think the game should be more fun if we can be match with same power,same trophy range and same ascension level

I am not a fan of the random part in RR2 not much in OR


I used to be super addicted to this bs game. Was attacking non stop and would be attacked non stop. Ever since they nerfed Athena and ajax a year and a half ago i quit attacking. After a week or so with no attacks the number of attacks on my base dropped to maybe 1 per week. Once i learned to forge and needed resources i began to play again and once again was attacked several times a day. Now the forge is shit so i quit playing again. Havent been attacked in 3 days. I think it has to do with how much u attack is how much u get attacked

Yep you are right I recently jumped from Ascenion 108 to 110 and is always attacked by  players with 15-20 levels above me.

And they 11 trophies for 81% and almost every one gets 14 trophies.

Just now a 15+ level guy won 14 trophies for 95% completion.

What cliche concept Flaregames is using to distribute trophies, gold and other rewards to players.

Ascenion level ,fame points,war blessed ngs , divine blessings ,allaince level such crucail concepts are ignored and that is why active players feel cheated.


Buddy you are not alone in this ,I too lost some good seventeen active players in January this year as those player’s baese were raided non stop not becuse they make insane levels of raids but they all had high trophies for thier levels.