getting attacked even when player is online.

y the f*** am i getting attacked even when i’m online,.and i know the reason we cant stay online for long,i close the game for more than 30min,some times even an hour.

even then i’m getting attacked,i’m trying to reach 4k trophies,so that i can do 4k ninja tier,but every time i reach it,i’m loosing trophies,its frustrating and annoying as f**k.

a level 123 player in 4300 trophy range can take 8 to 9 trophies from a 107 lvl player in 3900 trophy,but y the f**k does he give me only 4 trophies,he is in a high lvl alliance,lvl 70+.

( sorry for bad language,but i’m really frustrated by this bullshit.)


About online player long time ago maybe 1 year ago Flare have add a feature that allow online player to be attacked if they are online for too much time (close 30 minutes). to prevent player to cheat and stay online. In the past some player used some trick and cheat to stay online. I have no clue however if Flare really have add this kind of feature. I remember that was Alysea who talked about this. I have do a video who show some player cheated and stay online for many hours. your post probably proof this feature work great

About the trophy since 3.8.0 Flare have change the algorithm. No one can farm anymore high player and now player with so much difference in level give close nothing or 0. To prevent player to be farmed like before. Your post its the perfect example of why some restriction was added in the game.

To prevent attacks you should raid while being online every once in a while. When you don’t raid and for example do other things for a too long period of time, then the game mechanism prevents you to stay online 24/7. Some in the past even wrote a little program to move the mouse a little bit or clicking on a tavern (to collect the gold) to stay online 24/7.

Purpose was clear, nobody could raid and so also not take gold and trophies. This way you could prevent losing gold without a gold shield. So to prevent this, when you don’t raid for a certain period of time, then raids against your base are allowed. 

That you are upset, we know. Please stay calm, it’s just gold and trophies. If you really need to get trophies a lot fast, use farm gear. I leveled up from 2500- up to 3600 within 1.5 hours. Could have done it faster, by skipping the low trophy players popped up by matchmaker.


About the trophy algorithm @Warriornator. I know flaregames changed to where players like me (3000 trophies) cannot attack players with 3700+ trophies and gain anything. BUT, I have been attacked by players above 3700 and lost 5+ trophies? Why? 

I have no clue how that work. I have read the algorithm is now strange and weird now. Many 0 and low at 4. I find some 9 and 12 but sometime I must search for 5 minutes.

I see a player , whenever i try to attack him it shows that player is currently online. I watched from 3-4 days but he is always online. To check it i send him friend request but the green dot is not twinkling that shows he is offline but whenever i try attacking him it shows that he is online. Is it any type of hack

The game also calls it “Player currently online” when someone else is attacking this player. Could be the reason in this case if he has much gold/trophies/medals and/or easy/open base.

No , probably that may not be the reason because the base is not open & not easy too. I think he is doing some type of hack because if the palyer is online then there is a green dot before his name on friend list. But when i send him friend request there was no green dot that proves he is not online and doing some scam.

is that you TGM: the great monty? was that why you sent a friend request?

was wondering why you sent a friend request, since last time you friended me, you were upset I wasn’t interested in helping you win DL.

Oh yes FOJ , i forgot that thing but its still in your mind …sharp memory you got , now i am a 5 star ? player i won some DL . ?? Btw do you know anything about the problem mentioned above. Can someone do this type of hack. Online scam.

well, it only crossed my mind as you sent a friend request to me recently out of the blue, and now you are posting you have sent friend request to someone you suspect of hacking.

Yes i send him friend request just to check that either he is active or just having some way to cheat. I can’t post without having some strong evidence against him . And to my view that was the only way to check he is really active or not.