Getting attacked while online

Hello all, I got attacked while i was online, I have 2 devices and switch between them regularly. This has happened to me multiple times. It should not put me offline instant I am switching between IOS devices. I just lost 500k gold just because of this. Really frustrating.

You got attacked because you was offline, So you know why you got attacked. The second you leave the game the wolves will sniff you out.

You close the game and you immediately turn Offline… and you can be attacked the second you do this, then you get what my profile picture shows.

I turned the game on, on the second device first. It goes online. Then i turned the first device off. This actually works most of the time.

My suspicion is that if I forget to turn off the first device it goes to offline mode. Then that triggers attackable meanwhile i’m online on the second device doing my raids and no notification till I go back to the first device.

Trust me I been keeping good eye staying online and not turning the devices off while I have the loot. But the iphone doesn’t have a lot of battery and my old Ipad isn’t great for gaming.

I can give a suggestion using methods like COC(clash of clans) does. where it will disconnect the first device automatically when you connect on second device. This way you know only one device is online at a time. This would prevent problems like this.  

You have about 2-3 minutes before the game says you are offline and as soon as that 2 min or close to 2 min timer hits you are free game to anyone and even if you log back in you can be attacked and see the icon in the top left that you are being raided. A lot of people are raiding nonstop and if you happen to pop up in the randoms list as I have noticed a lot of times the random list like to pick people that just logged off there. OR if someone is watching and eyeing your gold because it is high they will sit there and spam attempt attack you until it works or you spend your gold. 


I know of people that for a hour straight try to farm one dude cause he had like 2mil showing

Dont get me wrong i do the same thing personally love that part of the game. I repeatedly go out and in to refresh the loot (this needs a refresh button instead :grinning:


This can test this with connected 2 devices with a lot of loot, keep one device connected while other one slowly goes offline and shows the king message. 

So then this might rather be considered a bug and belong to the “bug reports & technical help” section? (Leaving it here for now for further discussion, though.)


I see this can be annoying, though I guess fixing it is absolutely low priority to Flaregames as most players just have only one device or are online at only 1 device at any time…


However, as Bladestorm pointed out, when you exit the game (being only online on 1 device), you have some time before the game actually treats you as offline. Times for this might vary a bit, but it should be more than long enough to load up the game again on the same or another device.

Thus I guess it might actually be better to 1. exit the game on your first device, then 2. enter the game on your second device. This way only on 1 device you’re logged in at any time, and the few seconds where you are not logged in on any of them are covered by the threshold duration between logging off and being treated as offline/raid-able.

Closing the app first and launching then on second device seems like good solution time being. What is the exact duration till you are marked as attackable? Im guessing its around a min or 2 but what is it exactly would help a lot on other stuff too, like checking a text message. 

I’m not sure whether or not a required re-log after switching to a different app and back also means you’ve been marked attackable immediately, but at least that time varies for me.

E.g. once clicked a chat notification (for some other app), read new chat messages for like 10-15 seconds, switched back to RR2 and got shown the login/loading screen. At other times I were in some other app for like 40 seconds, then switched back and game was still logged in and continued just as normal (even during a paused raid).


Though, I don’t know whether the “mark as attackable” timer might be fixed or varying too…


As a rule of thumb I use “hurry and switch back as soon as possible” and switch between apps back and forth a few times in a row if I need to read a longer message that I couldn’t read at once without relogging.