Getting back

Hello everyone. Hope you’re having a great day. 

I used to be really addicted to this game but had to leave due to being really busy. Haven’t played in about 4-5 months. I have been considering getting back into it. How is the game now? Is it worth getting back into it? Any new changes? Last change I remember was having your spell upgraded. 

If I do get back into the game how can I retrieve my account? I’ve done the process before but there’s not lot of things I remember now. Like how many pearls/gems. I only remember the name and can guess around which level I could be in. Would that info be sufficient? 


The game has changed a lot in the past months, with the v2 upgrade. The classic wolf, knight ogre combo doesn’t work anymore, and there ar plenty different efficient combos, and that is much more interesting I think. You will have a lot to catch up if you were at high level, becasue they added 2 levels to all units and spells, and 3 to all defenses, except castle gate, only 2. Forging took a very big place too, it is now a ig part of what makes the difference between people in top 50 and the rest of the top 1000 players.