Getting Gems, Selling Towers

its my request to royal revolt 2 team that, like blacksmith there must be an another worker who produce gems like pearl… there is lots of free space inside the core area, between statue of glory and throne room…

Its is my humble request please please give that of #smith

we sell our gears, but not towers… i think there must be tower selling facilities.

thank you


I think this is in the wrong thread…


And what is the point of that? Why not just create a gold-gem conversion?


And even then it would be like 20k to 1 gem or something.

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Don’t you think it’s too easy to get gems that way? Some very low towers only take very less gold for first level. During cooldown, when you are online, remove some strong towers from the map and built new ones like arrow tower with every free worker you have. In a few minutes you would be able to create lots of towers with only intention to sell them.


Even when you would get only 1 gem from a low level tower, this way players could generate hundreds of gems in less than an hour.


From a point of view of Flaregames this idea would ruin their business. Nobody would ever need to buy gems any longer. I don’t think this will ever be implemented.

Except you can’t just build a new tower whenever you want. You need a free space. So while that level one tower is being built your base is significantly weaker than it was (low level king) and it means high level players will never do it because they are constantly under threat of attack and can’t afford to take the risk.

I agree with this suggestion but only as a limited time amnesty for those of us who didn’t understand the game mechanics and built several useless towers which sit in storage doing nothing.


During cooldown there is no risk of being under attack when you are online, of course don’t do this during a war season. Just make sure every now and then you do an attack (you need gold anyway). Only thing required are free workers. Remove some strong towers and start building a tower. Level one towers take less time than a raid. So replace some towers with new ones, start a raid and after the raid, sell your towers that are ready. Build new towers, start raiding.


Repeat this scenario and you will get many gems for a full silo plus farms. And since account sharing is possible, you could easily create lots of gems. Even by selling items you can generate the cash required for the low prices of starting to build a tower. According to me it’s too easy to get gems for ‘free’. Just make sure you put back your original towers before you leave. Do you really think High leavel kings care? They get enough gems from scrolls against their bases and why would they use it?


Most not so high kings however will definitely use it. I don’t care for trophies and lots of players also don’t. Even when we forget to put back the original towers, no problem. We make gems, more than we would ever get from normal raids.


Flare will never implement this, they don’t ruin their income.

All that for reward of one gem (level one tower)? Seems like a lot of hassle considering I just read about someone unlocking all their blacksmith slots plus having 15k gems left over solely from tapjoy.

As I said above this could be an amnesty event limited in time rather than permanent.

Windows users don’t have tapjoy. And from tapjoy flare gets income, from building and selling a tower they don’t

They get income from Windows users paying for gems. That requires users to want to stay and play despite all the disadvantages compared to other users. Customer goodwill goes a long way.