getting higher time for pearls conversion

pearls conversion for 354 pearls at rate of 53 sec per peral , count 5.2 hour but it’s doing in 12 hour(double), this is really bad

Looks like a bug with the 50% time offer.

Just check mine and seems correct now.

your blacksmith boost will finish soon


boost it again, and you will see another time

Hi Satyendra ,I had same problem last meltdown event,it worked only for 1st item,and was same everytime I reactivated the blacksmith boost,1st item melted no problem,then no more,

Response from flare very poor,would not offer compensation,saying that would not be fair on other players,when asked how that couild be true if theres was working,I was totally ignored and no more response from flare.

Seems to me there attitude is tough luck we do not care about our players that pay there wages.

I have many claims in,following intial automated response,get very little to no response at all.many of theses issues date back to over a year,I periodicaaly resend the mails and always without fail they have been ignored.

Where is the customer support???

I have 2 accounts both are regular paying customers,Flare are obviously not caring that they are loosing players that would not leave if they were treated right,I am not asking for much in my opinion,just fair treatment.

Steve18 and georgeusgirl


i started after the event , and presently same thing going on ?

Yes it indeed is bugged.

If you meltdown 1 Item and boost the time, it works just fine. However, every other Item queued up after the first one won’t get the time boost.

Applying this reasoning. You could use up every slot of the blacksmith first and activate the boost afterwards and pray that it will apply to all items.

I couldn’t confirm it though.

Please fix this. It’s a huge part of the event.

  1. Check how much longer bs video boost lasts, it can happen that it will end soon so you will se extended time for melting that item with boost+without boost.

  2. Sometimes when you add a new item to bs, visually another item will change into that new item, so you have a feeling that you melt less pearls for a longer period of time, but when the melting is over you will receive pearls for the previous item before it visually changed into another one.

i’ve tried this too but nothing happened

i checked all this but not getting anything, 2 minute 40s per pearls conversion without boost, with boost 53sec .

second there is no visual change in items

I remember there use to be a bug like this before, some players were locked down from the event, don’t remember the reason of it.

But did you check for how long your bs boost is on ? If it ends soon and you will start it again the time for melting that items will get lower.

yes you are right when I boost BS ,1st item has lower time but after that is around 10-12 hours

Mag your right, it’s reasonable that it takes longer if the boost is about to run out. But it doesn’t make any sense if it is the 2nd item onwards.

So from what I understood, after boosting the blacksmith, the first item in the queue benefits from the bonus.

However, once the first item has melted down and the second item replaces it (without skipping any cooldown), the bonus is not applied?

Or does it even make the time longer? (Instead of decreasing it, or doing nothing)

yes you are right when I boost BS ,1st item has lower time but after that is around 10-12 hours

yes you are right when I boost BS ,1st item has lower time but after that is around 10-12 hours

Alysea, that’s the case. Would be nice if you could somehow look into it. 

yes shiroko , i bought 5 uber for melting but none of them is profitable for now

Except 1st other items doesnt have the bonus advantage

10-12 hours? are you kidding?

no one can boost BS for 10 hours

I still cannot see any problem here!!!


SHOW screenshots of how long will boost work! And screen of slots at the same time!