Getting inappropriate ads.

Operating System - Windows 10 PC

For last 2 days I am getting inappropriate ads from “Scatter Slots”. It explicitly states its 18+ and contains very inappropriate pictures.

I do not know in what forum i have to report, sorry if it is in wrong forum

I just came to the forum and registered this account to and only to report this issue !

Royal Revolt 2 one of those rare games which are nice, exciting and free of dirty contents. Why should it contain such ads !!!

If it continues having such dirty things, I will just stop playing this game and even stop inviting friends and my family to play it anymore.

Hopefully the responsible people will fix this point quickly, as I don’t really want to move into another game and leave behind such a really lovely game, but still I will never pay my ethics and decency to have some fun…

Still getting those kinds of ads.

Royal revolt is 7+ game and its ads are 18+, wont do any good.

Flare kindly consider this.

Hi guys, I am sorry to hear that. This really should not happen. I apologize. I have forwarded the issue and we will ask our ad provider to look into the issue asap.

(Ps: Sorry for the delayed response but developers and I are not overseeing this forum on the weekend).


Thank you Madlen, for the response.

Hi, our team has contacted the ad provider and they have been taken care of it. I hope it is fixed now and once again sorry for that.

Hasn’t been fixed. The first ad I received was Scatter Slots

? Okay, I will forward this again.

I don’t see what the ads show but trust me I play Scatter slots since 1 year and there is nothing 18+ in this game. Its just a slots machine like the others you can play on mobile. if you have said however SEASTARS Casino with blackjack,poker and more there is a lots of 18+ content because every use adult content picture in their profile

Here some picture from Scatter Slots. Just a awesome 3D slots machine games with campaign mode. LOL nothing 18+ its more PG-13 than else

Like you can see its a awesome slots machine with beautiful graphic. The best slots machine on mobile. there is no bad content in this


No, not this Ad. There is another ad from scatter slots which specifically mentions it is 18+. Come in the lines such as " Adult game for Adult feelings". If it is not  fixed you may get that.

i dont know why it keep make so much ads and they keep getting more and more misleading, it just a slot machine game with high win rate, why it ads make it look like RPG or character collecting card battle game ?