Getting more expensive special offers?

Ok, so we all know that gem offers don’t come unless you cant afford em, but does anyone know how much below the price you have to have before they appear? Like if an offer cost 500 gems, and you got 499, will you get the offer? (I don’t think so)


—> I ask because I’m specifically shooting for the worker package. It will cost 2-3k gems, and I want to know how many gems I can store up before I stop getting the offer. Will I be able to store about 1500 gems, and filter out all the lower lvl packages (spell, unit, upgrades) and increase my odds of getting the higher lvl package I want? What about 2000 gems (and still get offered package that cost 2500 gems)? Or, do the offers just stop regardless of their actual gem cost once the player has 500 gems on them?


Im a mostly free user, so pardon if this is a dumb question. Never had more than 500 gems on me XD

I think you need to stay arround 1500. I certainly don’t know for sure especially since they changed “something” with the packages after the monster pack fix.

Do you not have a third spell slot!!! It costs 600 gems…


Pretty sure I got a starter package with that, a worker, and something else all for 500.


Not exactly sure about the details, but I just got a worker package offer today with 1.5k gems on me. Couldn’t afford it as it was 3k (about 10 different upgrades running currently, basically everything busy except workshop which is maxed…).


So you can definitely stockpile more than 500! :slight_smile:

And no, not a dumb question at all! I think there’s some similar questions in other topics already, so I or the other mods might merge those topics soon, but principially the question is allright.

As you get higher in the game the offers seems to go higher as you noted. The 1500 gems offers are typically for spell packages and troop packages. If you are getting a spell or troop package they use the units/spells you are actually using on your attacks to get the +1. If you have save heal spell maxed out and you always get the spell offer next time you log in change out the heal spell for something else you want to level and it probably will be included in the spell offer that time if you use it a couple of times and the offer triggers.