Getting more medal

How can I get more medals  like other people bcuz I’m getgetting only 34 medals my lvl 105

Like gold its a indicator. If you got only 5k,10k or 20k gold you are too much overpowering. So for the medals its the same principle.if you got only 34 medals is because you are too much overpowering for the base you got. try to find hard base a little more harder than you but not much just enough to allow you to beat it.

When you are overpowering vs the opponent the result is this 27-34 :

when you are just enough strong Vs the opponent 125-300

but if you want more medals you need to find hard base. I take the example of Dena4 base. Of course lol I have 0% chance to beat him 

More the base is hard VS your power more medals you get.

You have also Dungeon who offer medals.

Good Luck :grinning:



There are dungeon OR you can climb up to the top leaderboard first (4500+ thropy) OR wait for Festival (didn’t know for how long you must wait though ?) to get more medals per battle.


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