getting two chest in the vault bug ?

hi all

I have random bug happen randomly , I win the battle , but the vault of Hephaestus allow me to unlock two chest only not three even if i already win the battle not lost



Do you complete it 100% .??


What NAPC is saying did your battle result shown two laurels instead of three.This usaually happens if you leave some structure or ignore hero statue and just simply destroy gate of Apollo.

Did you destroy all barricades, towers, the hero statue and the gate of apollo?


did you break the gate at the last possible second, or with the timer actually on 0 seconds?

@AliM, if you break the gate when the timer is at 0s, chances are you lost by a split second, happened twice with me before. You get the “Victory” and all that but you still end up with either losing trophies, gaining no or minimum trophies and with two keys for the vault, instead of three.

Its a coinflip when that happens. Sometimes you get full victory, sometimes raid.

Must have been bad coinflip for me on those two times, got raid twice. :wink: