Ghost players strategy!

Flaregame must create ghost players for rune test.
Because ,we need to try maximum runes.
We must be able to create the ghost player defender to which we will fight .
so we can find out which runes to use.
I want to see the capacity of the runes I will use.

I want a test area where we can test maximum runes

if you agree with me you can vote

But you can test for free with your own defense … or replay the Dungeon - also for free.

That’s not free… That costs us pearl… If I am not wrong, Hakann means that before applying runes that we have spent so much pearls on, we should get a test drive to know the strength of that rune on our troop? I guess…


So he means forging, not fighting then.

It would be nice if we could see the impact/improvement of a specific rune before we would apply it, without investing in it first.

If we for example could test apply a rune (even if we don’t have it yet) and raid our own defense layouts with it to see the impact, it would be a great feature.

Take for example the huntsman rune, I didn’t apply it yet. When testing would be possible, I could for example create a test layout and raid with current archers with and without a rune of a certain level applied and see the impact. When for example with a level 3 huntsman rune my archers perform much better, I know it’s a great improvement. But when results are not what I expect, I can better not invest in that rune and go for another one instead.

Since we have only 2 rune slots per object, it would be great to have a test modus, where we can figure out which runes we are going to apply by testing them first. Now we can only figure it out, by applying a rune of a certain level and hope it’s a good investment.


GrimScythe2001 yes ofcourse…

Orko ,this is impossible,because I have not got my maximum runes

I talk with alliance members and other players I fight in War Seasons. I find most are very helpful when it comes to Runes. As for a test area, I am not so sure. It would take away a social dynamic from the game plus, where is the fun in knowing all have the same defensive runes applied

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