Ghosts solid instead of incorporeal?

Hello everyone,

so i’m here to ask why a ghost created by the Black Magic spell should be a solid and not incorporeal?

Don’t you think should be better allow the Hero and other Units pass through these Ghosts? At the end of all, if they have been created with low opacity to create the ghost effect, means that you wanted to give really that aspect where we can pass through them, right? So i’d like to ask to allow to all normal units and hero to pass through them. 

Morever being ghost they should also pass through barricades and blockades but this is not what i want otherwise obstacles can become useless then.


If you could go trought ghosts that would mean they areimmune to all attack and would’nt be able to do damages…

Nope, i’m not saying and don’t want that, only that we can pass through them.

It would be a little bit too powerful as you would be able to have twice as many unit attacking from the same position like cannons for example.

In a dark background, it is very confusing to see if the ghosts are there or not.

I would go to the extent of saying that they should make a color change or let it be added normally. However, the problem is of the monsters. In a group of my orges (or even others) and the opposition’s orges, I do not know who is who. They should have a color change instead of being the same color (probably their underclothes)