Since Flare insists on having so many units spawn on the death of something and since many high level battles are being crippled by having the path over filled with units…

I had a great new idea to illuminate a lot of the congestion. Ghosts!

They would be allowed to walk right through other units and obstacles! So there’s no over crowding.

They would be like the Knights in attack low level unit, maybe frost would be their primary damage.

And I would recommend Surprise Mummies spawn Ghosts not Knights. Then using Surprise Mummies and boosted Knights together you could build up a hoard of little bastards with frost and fire damage!

Also since they are Ghosts Is make them resistant to blast damage and weak to fire damage.

This would create a new type of unit you could only get through an elite boost. This would make the elite boosts more desirable.

This is nice but I am afraid it wont be implented because there is many young players and they could get horrible nightmares and FG would have to make it a PG rated game


There’s already walking mummies (and werewolves), I don’t see anything more or less frightening in ghosts.

Mummies are only in Egypt so they are no real threat to kids in other world parts, Werewolves are only out during full moon so thats just 1 day per month where u have to baricade the bedroom doors/windows


But ghosts can be everywhere and everyday so they are more likely to cause anixiety and nightmares :slight_smile: