GiaSu(Pa Si)

GiaSu(Pa Shi)

Level 37

Rank under 200

We are looking active player to join our peacefull alliance

Introduction Alliance :

GiaSu is an language of chinese “Hokian”. Meaning dear of lose.

Pa Shi is an language of chinese. Meaning fear of dead.

We are from many different country group together.




  • Donation :  >100k / unknown ( depend on how much u willing to donate )

Active player, talkative , No jumper

Can understand and speak English. (we need to be able to communicate)

Elite Boosts: 

  • Blazing Knight (unlimited time)
  • Tough Barricade (only on war)    
  • Storm Cannon (unlimited time)

War Rules:

  • Must contribute at least 3 attake per tile.
  • no participation without any reason = kick.
  • defend too week = kick (you can apply after the war we will let u join if the slot still available)


If you are interested in joining our team you can apply here (reply or p.m.), or contact any member in game.

We are looking for active players that play daily. We want to have fun and we want to win!

We have a few vacancies that have now become available.

We are a level 28 alliance. We use boosts quite regularly & like to win wars.

If you are interested please contact any of our members in game.

If you have a small alliance that is looking to merge with us we can accommodate you all.