Gift for Top Alliances

Hi guys,honestly I was hesitant about the title. I didn’t know how to make it: Or “how to make a raid impossible” or “gift for top alliances”. I think the latter is better  :slight_smile:

Well i’m upset,very upset. This is just a special season boost so i’m not supposed to complain too much. But this time Flare crossed the line of tolerance. I don’t know if you realised but there’s a boost out there which make bases not tough but even more. This boost is really funny. You know why? Because now is impossible to destroy Lightning towers. Yeah an undestructible tower!! Aren’t you happy for that?  :slight_smile:  In reality,those who are supposed to be happy are players who are joining top alliances right now. We were talking about the balance between offense and defense weeks ago. But day after day i figure out you Flare are not able to make this game balanced just a little bit. 

This is not Christmas time but i thought it was  :mellow: I think this is the perfect gift you 've given to top alliances. I believe this is one of the most unfair boost i’ve ever seen. The usefulness of Lightning tower depends especially on its boost: Tempest Tower. So with this boost guess who you’ve privileged?! Top Alliances!!  :slight_smile: . Correct answer. But that’s not all.

This boost is a clear way to ignore the huge part of players who are in low level alliances. I’m not surprised since Flare has always ignored that part of players. Do you think all this is fair? If you think it’s fair you’re just selfish and unable to see the reality around you. 

Flare,another time you 've showed everyone this game is all based on those players at the top. Just remember that in this game there are many many players apart from those at top. Do you remember it?

If you think i’m just complaining since in my alliance tempest tower isn’t activated you’re wrong. Remember in the entire world like in this game you’re not the only one as human being. At least give everyone the chance to take advantage of this boost. But your disinterest is even bigger than your imagination.

This boost is not for everyone but for top alliances. There’s a big difference. Shame.

Nah they die to max perked Sonic rather quick (12k damage) although a base full of LT (say 8 or more LT) will be huge problem without pyromancer boost.

Bases still beatable, much more annoying but its good to have bladestorm out of the meta even for only a single week.

Idk why you complaint bout top alliance though cuz they get strong defence but at same time they probably die more often now in raids without pyro boost.If you are not in top ally then chances are that you dont need to raid top ally, I’m doing great around 5100 so if you’re not higher than the problem is your raid style for sure cuz most bases below 5300 have 6 or less LT which is not deadly enough.

If your ally dont run tempest tower,then this is FG way of telling you to boost it.If your ally dont have tempest tower boost, FG telling you to level up ally.But non boosted LT already have 5 charges I believe with Uber LT which is nice.Normal LT now become same as max tempest tower at least.

Boost ia for everyone, just that those who pay more will get more.Perfectly fair here.

I’m talking about why Flare privileged top alliances. I can’t blame a 65 level alliance. Lightning tower is useful if why others players can’t take advantage of this boost? This boost works pretty good only with tempest tower on. A normal maxed LT isn’t the same as the boosted one. Or the tempest tower boost would not exist.


Cam will receive the award for top complainer on forums now  :wink: :wink: :wink:

Well, maybe defense will be a nightmare on high gaming, but offense was OP last time, it’s true that balance rarely exists, but anyways making a good balance on newly introduced boosts is hard.

You say that this boost will benefit high players, but we’ve had some boosts before that were only good for low and middle players, some good examples are paladins’ boosts and arrow towers’ boosts, most high and top players don’t have maxed useless stuff just in case…

Honestly i’m realising that this boost benefit high players on defense but at the same time penalise them on offense. Let me say this is ridiculous. Someone should teach Flare what the word  BALANCE means.

Well yeah, some might be thinking that they’ll get a gem rain, but they’ll have to scroll like crazy too, and as we all know, they’ll get only a 10% of the gems that others spend on their base, so lol :stuck_out_tongue:  

Werent you the one who complained a week ago that insta-knights made it too easy?

Yes,but now is the opposite. Don’t you think? Don’t you think Flare release this stupid boosts just only to force players to use gems in wars? While we’re talking about this issue Flare is making fun of me,you and all players out there,even the top ones. Everything is ok with this boost. Everything is ok with each weekly special boosts. The balance exists in this game. And there’s no big difference between top and normal players. Flare is honest and fair. Vestij you know the world out there, don’t say that this is not ridiculous what’s going on.

you are right, this boost is too much now.

maybe players in top-alliances are spending more money.others players just are playing the game for fun, not for a living :slight_smile:

looking up “Balance” in the RR2 players dictionary :

Balance : the right amount of power given  to any war  defence and attack boost, so that I as a player can experience exciting fights during war, where I , as a player, just seem to win most of those fights, and hence can proove what a wondfull raider I am. (If for some reason I loose more then I win, that means the boosts are not balanced enough)

Looking up “Balance” in Flares dictionary :

Balance : war is never fair, and there’s never balance on the battlefield. if you want to experience  balance, go walk the high wire…

Let’s face it. Top players keep the cash flow into flare’s bank account. They should be rewarded for this sometimes… :slight_smile:

I believe Uber LT was created to give those with no Tempest Tower boost a chance to see what it would be like to have it. Defense may be OP now but SB and Firestorm still destroy it easily.

Say it more correctly. Flare doesn’t know the word Balance at all. Now is correct.

This boost is a clear way to make fun of top players too. But all is quiet and seem like i’m telling bullshits.

When during next war many players will be forced to spend high gems count to beat bases they will realise someone is making fun of them. 


Indeed. A rain of gems. They will bring great cashflow into flares pockets. But you don’t have to scroll. Just raid lower bases. At the end you will usually get enough skulls in CoF to compensate for this.

Like said before, time passes, events end, seasons end, boosts end, new unbalanced boosts will come. Hehe… :slight_smile:

Maybe that is Flare’s goal. But i don’t think it is. There’s a difference between tempest tower and normal LT or as i said the tempest tower boost would not exist. Remember what i’m saying: Flare is unable to make this game balanced. Look at the last special season boost:insta-knight (improve the offense). Now uber Lightning tower boost (improve the defense). Well since Flare releases everytime 2 special season boosts,is like they releases just one. And the other one is useless. So there’s an imbalance even with that. So wtf is that?? Also think that not everyone have a multi forged damage sonic blast or maxed firestorm. So where is fairness now? You released a boost which improve the defense but at same time i’m like unable to destroy LT? 

Should i choose other bases without LT? Tell me the principle whereby now i’m forced to choose other bases. Just for this stupid uber LT? Are you serious Flare? Wtf are we talking about?

Someone is realising when i tell about the imbalance of this game? Cause seem i’m here just to complain. But you can check every week what this stupid boost are and what kind of consequences brings.

This boost is not for everyone. This is made for those who are willing to spend gems during the war. And Flare loves that. 


You right Ed but that’s what i wouldn’t want that to happen. Cause remember we’re not marionettes.

Magician, your problem is that you care. You hate injustice. You want thing to be fair.

But flares are never fair and will never be. They don’t give a damn about the free players. They just tolerate us, cause we are needed as prey for the paying players.

So, cheer up my friend. And always remember, top players are weak without their super boosts. Your skills as a free non-boosted player are much much better. If you fight them one on one, boostless - you’ll beat them.

In a game like this i can’t believe that the injustice make the a game unlivable. Maybe the problem is me since i’m unselfish and i think about equal rights even in a game. But i cannot let Flare make fun of players. I hate being made fun and this game deserves another attitude.