Girl/Female Character...

My 6 and 8 year old daughters have just found the game after finding me playing it on my computer and really like it but are quite disappointed that there is not a female character for them to choose and play. They have constantly complained to me about this since they started playing.


It would be really nice if you could introduce this option for the little ones that want to play as a female character.



Yes you are right that a game like this should has also the female avatar, however this thing has been already suggested many times long long time ago… unfortunately you have only to hope that devs will realize it 

The only problem is that, if you have played Royal Revolt 1, you will realize that Royal Revolt 2 is actually a sequel. The plot of Royal Revolt 1 is that you are a young prince. Your father sends you off to Bogsmarts to learn magic; but while you are there your father becomes very ill and dies. Having graduated from Bogsmarts, you head home, only to realize that your evil aunts and uncles have usurped your kingdom. You fight and oust them from your castles, and proclaim yourself king. Anyhow, the plot of Royal Revolt 2 is that you are now a grown man, a king. You are going around, ousting false kings from their castles and looting their gold. And this is why you are only allowed a king as a playable in Royal Revolt 2: no prince grows up to be queen.

A king always bows down to his Queen. He found a Queen and they lived happily while the King went out defeating all the other kings