Give a Month Break for the Next War During Easter Time or only 4 attacks per war

Guys! What do you say?

At least from the day war started, it’s been continuous. Do we need a break? A well-deserved one!

A special case…Easter Time.

Or war only 4 attacks for some time



Please poll, so FG has a straight answer.

Go and take a break if you want to. Why force everyone else to take a break with you?


If you’re in an alliance, just say “hey I’d like to take a month off, and will be back.”


Even if you’re a leader, you can do so by putting someone else you trust in charge while you’re away.

I hope  to hold a festival between war and ninja.

This event can earn GOLD the best? And you can exchange for a wonderful one (Pal and attractive equipment)

I also want sometimes new things.



The war sometimes uses alliances donations and many Gems at every game??? :unsure:

Warrior has a lot of personal burden??


My leader (I’M)not going to take a break。。。 ??!  war? Is it delicious?


Like mentioned above, if you wanna take a break, just take one. If your alliance wants to take a break, take a break. As simple as that. Nobody gets forced to participate

I spent more than a year at this schedule -_-

I will not refuse the war coming on the game system -_- -_-

I negotiated as many times as we could increase our battle and earn GOLD. -_-

Of course I am trying to entertain alliances games for a long time.


-_- -_- -_- <_< :huh: :open_mouth: “。。。More Event (New battle stage) give  me  Pls”


A chat of the alliance will be excited if there is a new challenge



I think that when flare forces us to take a break by not starting a war season or ninja even for a couple of weeks, that a lot of veterans who maxed almost anything (including me) will decide to quit the game completely. Without anything to do it’s boring:

  • Log in at least once per day and donate
  • Collect some video chests, 
  • Add some items to blacksmith
  • Maybe do some raids, but even this isn’t required.
  • Prolong boosts (as general)

During war season or ninja event we at least need to raid and teamwork. Most of us don’t quit, due to our virtual friends, but a break for a while would definitely push a lot of us over the edge and make us quit.

It’s for discussion to come out with a better option of an event. If we decide to do things individually, then there is no need of the forum. Why are you even responding? The reason is we want something special do be done during the Easter weeks, and not war.

Maybe the topic needs to be changed …war during the Easter time.


Well I am indeed responding constructively to the topic by way of a discussion… by pointing out that you can already take a break in a manner which doesn’t interfere with your progress or anyone else’s gameplay.


However, if you are suggesting “something special” in lieu of war, well… I’m all ears  =)

Yes, ur point accepted and understood. Thanks by the way. The idea is to have something spl for Easter.

Credo che festività centrano ben poco con il gioco. Chi non ha tempo fare guerra si prenda una pausa

Yup, and let the alliance suffer. Sorry it’s a group Dynamics involved here. Yes, individually you can leave out. But you will feel you are missing out on somethings. If it’s from FG side, you don’t have to worry. Having a break with something special during the way break might be just so welcome.

We never had a break from any events like wars or ninja during any holidays so don’t think it is going to happen. Especially that Easter starts in a few days and war for sure will take place. And it is good if you ask me, not everyone celebrates those kind of holidays anyway, also for those who celebrate them - it might be actually a good time when they have more free time due to holiday break.  I’m totally fine with current schedule.