Give DECENT elite boosts to paladins !!!!

  1. Make Paladins cast heal spell!!! its a PALADIN skill… NOT a frost arblaster skill (whose idea was to make f.arblasters healers anyway!!!)

  2. Make Paladins cast HOLY SMITE, the abilty to cast randomly…HAMMERSTRIKES !!! (another classic Paladin Skill)

                                                                 …DONT YOU PLAY D&D IN KARLSRUHEL !!! 

  1. PLEASE make them move faster, their current speed makes them USELESS!!!

  2. Remove their poison weakness!!! seeing a group of paladins getting wasted with one mummie slap is REALLY EMBARASSING!!!

  3. the hit point boost (80%) is nice :slight_smile:


LOVE YOU ALL!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Paladins casting Random Hammer strikes is an interesting idea, but I totally disagree with your statement that Paladins are useless. 

Standard Paladins yeah, they are useless.  But Holy Paladins…  Holy Fuck!  They are the only unit I refuse to engage. 

And I’m a level 81.

I’m lvl 92, but even back then when I was 83 or so, I loved destroying holy paladins!   :slight_smile:

I beg to differ, for me the Holy Paladins boost is extremely cool, in fact, whenever the matchmaking gives me a base with boosted paladins, I just don’t attack and look for another oponent because I instantly know there’s no way for me to raid at 100%. Also, everytime I use boosted paladins in offense it seems that they don’t die, now they die thanks to changed Snake Towers, but if it was only by units they would live forever, and they take down the gate very fast. So to your points:

1- They actually heal themselves, if they healed others when dying they would be overpowered

2- With hammerstrike? Then they would be way too overpowered

3- Well, I agree with this, sometimes I think a snail could reach the next tower faster than them

4- Remove their poison weakness?! You’re crazy, even with mortars I hardly can kill them

5- Oh, ok, yes, that’s good…

It would be cool if Holy Paladins could throw their hammers and turn into a range unit instead of melee. They throw the hammer and it comes back to them like a boomerang

Its not good if all unit become range unit


Hey Sergeant and Paladin thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: holy paladins’ healing strike may make them last longer …but … you got to be crazy to use them to attack castles or even for defence. I mean …come on… these guys are a complete waste of morale points. Put them next to a mummie or knights and you ll see them disappear in a blink of an eye!!!

Or even better, next to a boosted mummy (to match boosted paladin :grinning:

Base with boosted paladin is easy


Hallo Raging Wolf  :slight_smile:

Yeah paladin is mad when wolf howl


Yeap!!! I stand corrected!!! wolves and palads are excellent both in raids and in defending the castle  :slight_smile:


Come on FlareG why not!!! It may sound OP but you ve already been equally generous to many other units in the past. For example, you gave boosted ogres a standard attack, which is a hammerstrike with Stun!!! you gave boosted mummies toxic cloud as standard attack, Stun and teleportation of knights!!! and you gave f.arblasters a cold bonus damage, which slows down enemies, and heal!!!


The only worthy addition to this series of groundbreaking elite bonuses would be Palads with Hammerstrike (and their current heal attack of course)  :slight_smile:

People quickly forget what the lower lvls are like. I’m 77/3600. Haven’t fought max boosted pals in a few weeks or since maxing Sonic. But until very recently MAX boosted paladins were the unit I most hated to see. Even with all 3 equipped offensive spells I couldn’t take them down before they healed, so I had to equip and lvl up toxic cloud. That was when my lvl was in the 60s-70. And if you let 1 or 2 slip past your king they can be impossible for your spawned troops to kill. I swear I saw a single boosted paladin battle one of my max lvl ogres to a standstill. They just stood there slugging each other. Boosted paladins are brutal and effective at least through mid lvls. Upgrading mine now to the new max. Up to now I’ve found them to be magnificent.

Did Flare do more in the upgrade than raise the max level of Pals? They increased other stats too? IF Flare let’s them become obsolete at higher lvls that’s a damn shame.

BAD news Zillah  :slightly_frowning_face: