Give Me a Challenge, Flare!

I’m level 105 now.

And my problem with the game is not that I need more things to do…

I need a challenge! 

In the wars my alliance fights I can beat the top opponents with a minute and a half to spare! 

So I was excited about the Ninja Apocalypse, but first disappointment was my base wasn’t attacked!  That’s one the video showed!  At least that would be something different!  Instead the “villain” (You guys really still can’t come up with a name for him?)  But the “villain” just gave me a portal to attack him. 

So these are really just another set of super easy dungeons and again I find myself completing without any challenge. 

I don’t need more things to click on!  I need more things to challenge me!  Fix that Flare!

I guess we were all waiting something more innovative and defensive, we’ve been all attacking since the very beginning.

They literally promised us a chance to defend against a “villain” trying to take our “kingdom and castle”!


Where is the Villain? Even John Travolta is asking himself this

Great movie reference! 

I really thought that last defensive upgrade was a last chance for us all to get ready for the big attack!

But no, apparently that was just another way they screwed with us!

I also thought the villain and his ninjas are going to attack my base but with more and more sneak peeks I realised it’s just PvE dungeon type of thing.

Actually during that event they said “enjoy it and make it ninja proof” - to me it was clearly an indication that villain and ninjas will hit my base but nopie.

Somebody should tell their mommies to spank them!

After the event, the ninja’s are going to attack your kingdom - as the attacking kings private bodyguards. (So technically Flare did not lie)


But The Villain is nowhere to be seen, and he’s not attacking us, only his ninjas are defending islands and boats, they should be invading us…



I thought about that technicality, but no…

As Karman said…

The Villain is nowhere to be seen!

Some how he and I are temporarily in synch…

They still lied. 


I guess it’s that time of the month to concur on our opinions to then come back to disagree on everything :stuck_out_tongue:

The above statement (in my opinion) is very wise words!

I have but one question: Why is there a king of level 105 in the 3000-3500 trophy range competing against kings of level 75-88? Am I missing something or is Maerique just unique? 


I like my alliance. 

We’re very casual. 

3 raids per war, not 10.

We try to remember it’s a game it’s not work.

The downside:

We don’t rise too quickly with the more casual approach.

So I wind up matched up with lower level kings.

From what I could read around, some players dropped trophies prior the event… :slight_smile:

Also, some might just have a harder time getting trophies… 

I never drop trophies.  Though I do work a 12+ hour per day job so sometimes, I’m just unavailable and the trophies drop without me.  :slight_smile:

So refers to my 2nd point that it is harder to get the trophies for some, legit. :slight_smile:

Keep some time for resting, besides work and game though! 

Though, I have to note, I haven’t been below 3,500 trophies probably in a year.  So I’m not sure where you got that range from.  I’m usually between: 3,800 and 4,200. 

Though, I have to note, I haven’t been below 3,500 trophies probably in a year.  So I’m not sure where you got that range from.  I’m usually between: 3,800 and 4,200.