Give me gold and I'll give you gems!

Hey friends,


I need +2.000.000 to upgrade my Arblaster to level 6 (9.000.000 gold!),

but matchmaker is giving me only players with less than 100k at the moment.



So if you have a big amount of gold unprotected leave your in-game name and I’ll raid your base


+I’m gonna spend a few gems on the way to your Castle Gate :grinning:

Attack me! Ign justtopassthetime, I have 8 mil atm


your base gives me only 200k  :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m just here for the gems xD

You want gems for gold shield? Not too many gems atm, spent some on fb friends; but I can contribute a little: 5-10


#Edit: Oops, I am 2 hours late

Nevermind, I GOT IT!





I need more 3M to upgrade my Treasure Chamber, so my offer is still on



Treasure Chamber upgrading =)

but the gems :slightly_frowning_face:


No, I want to raid your bases in case it offers me enough gold and I’ll give some gems in exchange  :grinning:



Hi. What should i do to earn more diamond free?


I need gold and diamond for upgrade tower alliance

Lol :slight_smile:




Everybody need gem and diamonds

You wanna fight? Give me your diamond…lol