give my tickets!!!!

have few ticket friends . they already gone level up like 5 or eve 6 times .

and stil never git a single ticket . ,

everyone knows by bow that the ticket system is an epic fail. but i stil want my earned tickets so atleast i can buy some extra food with it.

so flare fix this and give me my tickets . this is getting more crap every day . opening a forum post for people to add their tcodes ?? where there is probaly no one left that can enter a code anyway ?? anyway GIVE ME MY TICKETS ,

Me too, 2 voucher-friends leveled up and i got 0 voucher, this update is a total FAIL

Tickets? I thought it was candy wrappers! :lol:

I have 14 friends who used my vouchers and they are continuously upgrading themselves but I received tickets only two times.daily atleast two three messages pop up that king has increased his level to __.but i receive no tickets as gift.there is a major bug in this update and dungeons are still not opening.

The game is dying :frowning:

Please use the voucher or friends codes questions sticky thread for questions about the voucher system.


Should you run into techincal problems with the feature, please contact our support at


They will assist you then.


P.S. Closing this thread for now.