who said taking Nemesis skeltons would be okay or  fair!!!??   :angry:

we want Nemesis skeletons back, flare cant just take them away! this isnt fair

I bought Nemesis with money, and what I liked most about it was skeletons spawning ability … now you have taken that away Flare!!>>>> God Damn it, why you like to spoil everything cool for us!


Nemesis still joins skeletons … but only with pal flute

please use the feedback thead for balancing: please-discuss-a-possible-nemesis-pal-buff

The Nemesis only had Skeletons because it had an “automatic” Beast mode.

The thing is… The beast mode had some issues, because It would stuck your troops and your hero movement.

Thus, you’d have to push it all the time but even so…

You’d lose time pushing it around, while your units would not be used to the fullest.

Also: Now you have the pal form 100% of the time! So Nemesis keeps firing it’s special bombs, which is a lot better.

If you’d still want to use the Nemesis Beast, just take the Palflute spell with you.