Give our Pro League hero some health

What the hell is with this Pro League? 16,000 health? Twice now, in rounds 9 and 10 to be exact, I’ve healed my troops from a skull tower or enemy troops, and then gone under a snake or gargoyle tower’s flood of damage, I leave after hacking for one second. Because I’ve used my heal I can’t do anything and the poison or fire just eats away at my hero, finally killing it. 16,000 health is a BS amount to give us. Now, you may say that I should save the heal, and while that would work, I would then have no troops to help me out. It is unacceptable to give us a hero with less than 20,000 health for a Pro League!

Hey AwesomestKnightest,

I think you are well aware of the main purpose  of pro league. Same set for all and find out who is the best.

You find the health of the hero is low!! I can assure its same for all. And if its same for all i dont see any problem here. It only need a lil bit of practice to adapt to a new set. That is how the whole pro league is designed. You get a total of 12 bases where the difficulties keep increasing one by one. So the toughest bases are 10,11 and 12.

Every people use the first 6 bases as practise cause those bases are comparatively easier. You can experiment what you can do and what npt in these bases which will help you in further battles. 

If you find difficulties in managing the set. I can say you need to step up your attacking game. There is nothing to complain or get frustrated. 

Thank you :slight_smile:

I understand that everyone gets the same hero. Sure, some players got high scores, cause they are better than me, of course. I just think that getting 16k health kinda stinks in a PL that deals high damage

If you understand that, what is your problem? Everyone has the same health. Obviously, you are not a very good player.

Some manage to get 2000 points. But… well, that seems to be the real problem. Same players from the same alliance. Every time.

I may not be awesome at the Pro League, but I’m not a noob haha. I’ve played the Pro League enough to know that 16,000 health is way lower than any health we’ve ever received, but, maybe I’ll get better at attacking in the PL with a hero with low health. I guess I’m just used to having high HP

I also agree about the top scores in the PL, some of those guys are very suspicious

I monitor such things with mixed feelings, the setup we gain. Amount of health should not matter, since indeed, it’s same for everyone. But when a single tower, for example a frost or snake tower kills almost any troop and is pretty dangerous for the hero also to get nearby, unless he has suicidal behavior and spells not even tickle such a tower, I wonder what the reason is for such a setup in pro league.

Must we be lucky that for example a mummy just screams at the right moment, stuns the tower and that our troops then are able to destroy it or sneak by? Where is the skill in that, being fortunate maybe?

Now sometimes there is a theme in pro league. I remember the one when I won a crown. That was all about sneaking around corners to pass snake and frost towers, if you figured that out, that it was the way to prevent hero damage and get further, you could get pretty far. Or a league where ignoring firebolts was only way to score pretty well.

But some pro leagues were not about being skilled, it was having pre knowledge about what was to come. I still remember the pro league level with purtrid prawlers in defense. Only way to pass that level, was pushing a few of your own prawlers a fraction forward and wait for a minute till those waves were taken out. If you ran forward or did anything else, it was end of raid. It was obvious only the ones who knew exactly what was coming scored pretty well,  not the skilled ones. 

I also don’t see a reason why we get a setup with very low spells and troops during pro league. Sure, the skilled ones will get much further, but when we see a lot of times same names ending up pretty high, I doubt those are the skilled ones, it’s just impossible to be skilled with whatever we get as setup. Those who have pre knowledge end up high.

The low stat i can overcome but I think we should not be limit by 30 mins if flare cant do anything about heath hacker, bot maker, cheat engine expert , last PL i loose like 3minutes standing , hitting spike to know that fire dragon can one shot it, i usually aim the dragon to hit all troop and tower on the other side of the path as any skilled player do and boosted knight normally attack spike so i ended up try to destroy the spike with king alone cus PL knight wont help is such a troll ,also sometime skull tower wont shoot in a line but go everywhere like doom gate is a big factor, we cant be all the same since its impossible for everyone to do the first time the same.