Give Pearls to new players instead of Gems

I’m as p*ssed about Gem ploughing as everyone. And so, I think I know a way to fix it. Rather than giving new account gems, give them pearls, and add the option to use pearls to speed up production.

How would this help?

  • Pearls can’t be used to resurrect

  • Pearl scrolls don’t unlock until very high level

  • With pearls now able to speed up productions, it still gets new players hooked on spending.

You could also give players, “Personal Gems,” Gems which can’t be transferred from one account to another, for free.

I actual suggest this out of bias. See, I took the Bronze League record, hoping to gets lots of gems from newbs. And I did. About 100 gems per day. But then I passed Lv.60, and now I get nothing. I literally wake up every morning to “You were attacked 75 times! Gems… +1” So needless to say, I don’t like the current restrictions ):

Gem ploughing has been fixed with the last update. Our numbers indicate that no further ploughing is taking place and that the countermeasures were effective.