Give the Cannon more Levels, but no more damage! Just more area effect!

I want to see more levels added to the Cannon, but not more damage just increased area effect, making it a better defensive weapon against hoards of low-level units.

You mean splash damage?

Cannons haven’t been projected to fight against units but mainly against towers and indeed they can kill in very few hits them. Instead when elite boost cannon has been added, it’s been discovered that cannon can shot also deadly the units, but this only because it fires 2x fast than before and because also it has more damage.

For me 7 levels for Cannon are good enough (then i don’t know if flare one day will add more levels, probably yes if it wants to keep hype the game).

Also cannon has area affect but very short only 0.1 radius. I would like to see maybe the bombs’ cannon like the blunt damage effect of archers, that is a real explosion with more radius, this could be more realistic.

However i agree with you that they should make the blunt damage of cannon a real blunt/strike/splash damage (whatever you want to call it) like as i said th Elite Archers.

oPelle, that’s exactly what I’m saying the blunt damage should get a larger radius so (for example) when firing into a hoard of on coming knights it will kill a few of them.

Like splash damage…

cannon already deal a lot of damage as it is now even in defence they are annoying , giving it splash damage only makes defence more overpowered imo

I agree, a little splash sounds like a good idea. 


Though, at the current stage, every buff to defense would have to be balanced out somehow to make raiding not impossible… 

Maybe when accompanied with another Knight level o.0