give to me event!!!

Hi give to me events and event with pearl value big for blacksmith so can afford casino the pearls 


Thanks bye and happy day!!!

Heeey!!! Where events 

Since it’s the 2 year birthday, we could have all events at once. It would be nice.

Wow that would truly be amazing 

Event is coming tomorrow!



Free finish all upgrade? :confused:

“Kings and Queens! Our servers will be going down for #maintenance within the hour. We will be back with a special #event soon. ?”

brace yourself RR2 tweeted the event. It will begin soon

Where did they post that 

Hahaha, Blacksmith scam event again :slight_smile:

Told you… Money-money-money.

Why the negativity Ed? I perfectly enjoy a shitty event without spending a single dime.

Wow… We have two free spins at grannies! Yes, finally we can click on a button twice without gambling for pearls :wink:

For the rest it’s fine with me, while others enjoy the event, I can concentrate on upgrading the buildings. I would be more happy when Flare would have extended the “Enjoy the gold party” we had last week. That event was fantastic, within a few raids we had several M in gold, more than I usually can gather from a full silo and plus farms. 

Here we are again. It’s all about pearls and spending gems. I’m not so surprised. What a shame!

What does this event have to do with buying?

You get double pearls from smith, double xp and increased chances at success at smith… If anything this is the opposite of forcing us to spend

^^^ Last war season was really a paradise for gold. I don’t know about high level players but low-mid level players are getting a lot of loot even after the war season (at least my team members say so). Being a level 83 player getting 250k-300k per raid is satisfying for me considering the fact that I use to get 40k-50k loot just 1-2 weeks ago. Occasionally I use to get 1m raid which is the ultimate cherry in the top of the cake. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. :- 250k-300k before adding bonus. Other bonuses add upto at least 350-400k per raid. We are a low level alliance so just 24% gold bonus. One of my friends said he got 12m in very short time in his new 46%gold boosted level 55 alliance.

From my observations on open bases the loot algorithm seems to be the same. The only difference is the “missing” war season, where players often leave more gold in the chamber. Nevertheless i was able to get to the gold cap for the first time yesterday :slight_smile:

I spent 15m on a gate upgrade and had 15m again within 30 minutes today… :wink: