Give unique item in one month to all atleast one

I am facing the problem of unique item because i have intall the game on July 2017 and played a lot but I never get any unique than i delete the game after 6-7 months later i start playing it again approx 1 month i got two unique item till now this make me frasted to delete it so please solve it at least  from daily chest  last day we get it 



yeah Neerajjurar, It seems some people are lucky multiple times, and those that are unlucky, stay that way forever!  Were you playing on different platforms as Ive always wondered if the chance is the same across the platforms, maybe windows users getting stitched up, wouldnt suprise me!

Unique items were fairly rare in July 2017 and they are fairly common now. The change was made in August or September of 2017.

I get that Dumpster as I started playing after that date, still what I’ve seen seems statistically odd, the same people seem to get multiple items, and other wait friggin ages…I’ve seen on two separate occasions players getting one unique, then less then a day later, another (they stated it was a subsequent chest), the odds of which are about 2500-1.  And having seen this happen twice…

The way it works now, it eventually becomes statistically likely that you will get a unique in your next titan chest.

I see a lot of 2 in a rows, but it’s a combination of cursed unique chests and the long lifespan of cursed titan chests. It lets people stockpile those chests and open them all at once.

At minimum you have a 1-in-100 chance of getting a unique item, but in reality the odds are much, much higher than that. They’re not at all uncommon anymore if you’re opening a lot of titan chests, and many players are routinely opening 6 or more titan chests every week with war.

Thanks Dumpster for the explanation, I do the same stockpile cursed titan chests, so o.k the first odds wont be 1 in 50, maybe  1 in 10 if they’re really unlucky but the 2nd chest will be back to 1 in 50 so that happening is still 1/500 and I’ve seen it twice you’ve seen it twice, how many other people have seen this extremely rare event, that actually doesn’t seem that rare - suggests to me the algorithm needs looked at.

It’s not necessarily the next chest, though. You’d see 2 uniques in a row on the team chat list, but they could have been 20 chests apart. One could also be a cursed unique, which operates independently of the standard unique schedule.

Finally, low probability does not mean zero probability, otherwise nobody would gamble. Some casino games and lotteries have much lower odds than hitting 2 uniques in a row, especially with the progressive odds.

Hey @Neerajgurjar,bro Really hate to disappoint you but Unique items are the worst items in the enitre game especially once you cross 100 Ascenion level.Just found Persues mirror shield ths morning,I am happy about the new color set but its stats are weaker than my one star titan items or One star cursed God item.

Just see the difference between the stats of a unique item and Good forged item(If you know how to forge)you can forge items that will be way stronger than unique item.

I am only collecting unique items for unlocking new colorsets.???

you can curse it if you not need it after curse better item can be from according to level low level player should curse their unique item



If I understand what you are writing, you are quite wrong …
Cursing uniques has the only scope of getting rid of an unwanted or duped unique and roll for a different (probably) one. It won’t get a “better” item, just a different one. Since all uniques are a bit different from each other, you surely have a slim chance of stats being a little bit better, but also to get 'em worse - and anyway big % are you’ll get a totally different unique anyway.

Instead, forging uniques using  5 star titans is the way to upgrade an unique to your current level, thus boosting his stats as if you had just got it.


Low level players should not curse their uniques at all unless they want a new different unique - and not to get a “better” one stat wise.

Give a test on what would take to forge it, even if you just got it … all uniques I found were not of my current level it seems, as forging would’ve boosted them, at least a bit.


But ya, most uniques are just good for colorset, as the bonus they provide hardly compensates for what you are giving up from a good forged one … imho uniques should have three abilities, two normal ones plus their special (and if you roll randomly the two “normal” ones, that would increase a hell lot the kind of uniques available).

Well,If unique can have two perks instead of one then yes they will unique in terms of properties too and different from ordinary items that players find in chests too.

Like Talaria , Asterion granting one random Resistence + Thier unique perk too,would be nice change too.

I would call this Elite Unique Item:


and that Wicked Cursed Item:


And how would you call Perseus’ speed boots ? ^^


Talaria are a Regular Unique Item or simply Unique Item.