Give us ability to get pal flute perks by forging

Title says it all

No it doesn’t.  What would the perks be?

He means to be able to get Pal Flute boost perk like you can with the other spells. For example removing/rerolling a cape perk and having x% chance to get Pal Flute perk.

Spells can’t be reperked. Neither can troops or defensive buildings. Only gear.

That is what I’m saying :wink: “For example removing/rerolling a cape perk”.

I don’t like the idea of reperking spells, because you only get one spell.  If you reperk badly, you’re screwed.  

You can get new gear, so reperking makes sense.

I could get behind reperking defensive buildings, because if you screw one up you can build another (in six months).

But spells and scrolls are one-ite things.