Give us Ninja and Wars back every week, and we will have something to discuss here

Like the title, no further explanations needed.

Are you complaining about the Conquest? Not sure what you should be complaining about if you are. From what I’ve seen it’s not time consuming at all and it’s very easy to handle and understand once you get into it. Sure, the job is more time consuming than the war, but so what? I really like that you get to have control over your own king and decide where you go. You actually have a battle plan too!

And about the ninja event, can we PLEASE stop b****ing (self censored) about that! We’ve known for weeks that the ninja event will be back on the 28th and I see no reason to complain more about this. Let’s just finish the Conquest, go to war again and then get back into a normal routine. Once again, after the changes that were made recently to the Conquest, I see no reason to get rid of it anymore. It’s great fun!

The reason is that the ninja event is the best way to make your account stronger. Lots of gold, chests to melt and pearls. 

There hasn’t been one in a long time and most people are running low on pearls. 

I thought it was self-explanatory but apparently people who like Conquest mode probably need additional help to get it…

Ninja war repetitive,  a little flavor would be nice. But the conquest is a completely different  game,  and I’m not having fun anymore. 


that’s completely true and i am agree with you
need pearls.

Cannot wait until September 28th. I need pearls right now to forge my spells and units. My lack of power don’t help me in Conquest and for all. I serious need the 3000 pearls in ninja normally I get each week. I don’t help much my alliance and I seriously don’t like that. I need gold to improve my stuffs and all.

Developers are running blacksmith event but ah, are we fools, Is there any use of blacksmith event without pearls? Forging cooldowns 12h but who will give us pearls to forge and use this offer.