Giving Armor Away

I don’t know why I can not sell armor which I no longer need. If I can not sell it It will be great if we could give to other members in our alliance or to our friends in the game.

I agree to this


We cannot because the reason its simple, imagine a level 119 who give stuff to a level 20 with that he can destroy a entire base alone. Same if you are level 30 and you give stuff to a level 30 I think its like a cheat. Think about it by example a level 35 who buy Uber Chest take the Uber item and give them to a level 30 member of the alliance or a friend. The one who receive Uber items just have to wait take the items up its stats like crazy and destroy all on its path and level up in level 90 in 1 month or less because he can beat someone who have 20 or 30 level more. Imagine a level 30 who can destroy a level 50 or 60 because he have badass equipment 

OK its possible same a level 20 can buy uber chest and advance fast and destroy all easy too but still its less cheat and if we don’t have this function in the game its to avoid a player to cheat. Think about it you have a person who create a account and create a second and third account,etc… he have just to sell or give uber items between their account and cheat like crazy. With the friend code to open a uber chest its one more reason to don’t have this function