GK Changes - Proposed Plans

thx. you see what i mean: you cant do a sensitivity test for a parameter that has nearly been annihilated from the system and use this result as an argument or justification that this parameter has no influence to other systems where it does have an impact.

sure about that w.r.t. matchmaking? i agree that 105lvl should be be matched against 150 or even also not in gods league. (the maximum setable requirement for an alliance is still 100 btw.).
so either it is intended to have such inhomogenious lvl mixes on the map or titan/gods league alliances or not. demo can drastically help for lower level to break through defenses, do nothing against a GK or gate but making 90% more easy to achieve.
so maybe it is a change to make the game more homogenious again or perk places will be freed to do other stuff (when GK will really double damage output after update maybe more health or phys. shield or obvious choice of DR maybe) just bc it will be needed.

lets sit and wait.

edit: but you where still be able to beat this (i assume also very good) GK with just 18k damage? :+1:

@CaptainMorgan i do hope that you reconsider your stance on area damage bug.
It literally melts away non shielded heroes like Hades, Hercules, Ariadne in seconds and melee units don’t even last that much☹️

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That’s what this update is supposed to fix

Thanks, i do hope you right about it.

I think he got his acronyms confused in one of the first posts about it, but he’s clarified the proposed changes since then.

  • Finally, and importantly, we will cap the maximum Demolition proc chance at 30%.

Why? I got my unique on Eracle and now you want to make things more difficult?

Eh, I know what FG stands for…

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Closed this now. Thanks for all the feedback, and we will return to it in the future, in the meantime please post any further feedback to the changes in the 5.2.0 Feedback Thread: