GK stats compared to normal stats

Hi guys,

this may have been addressed before, but can you answer me this please:

Why , if you compare the values of stats of your GK and the stats in the hero screen, are certain values reduced?

I get that damage and health are increased by upgrading the statue, and that Area Damage is added. Attack Speed, Potency and LoH stay the same.

But why, for example in my case does physical, fire and lightning resistance are decreased by 8-12% ?? Is this normal?

DR is even down by 1%… ?

And just to be clear, all items are equipped on all 3 setups,. I don’t even have a DR item equipped, only in mastery.

Thanks for the help


GK’s %-based defensive stats are reduced from your hero. You can still max them out, but it requires adding values that would be overkill on your hero. This is to make GKs more of a fair challenge.

(If your DR is only reduced on your gk by 1%, it means you have more on your hero than he can use!)

Thx Dumpster!

What do you mean? That the +2.70% and the +2.86% in my masteries are too much for my Ajax? That’s why it says now 4% in the GK stats screen?

And can you tell me what the max % for GK-% based resistances are?

Ah! I thought you had a lot of dr! If it’s just a little that makes sense too.

max for resists is 75%, max for DR is 63%. 

Yeah, Still got some work to do ?

Cool. Thanks again, bro

Thats 5,56% on hero, which should appear like 6%. It gets reduced on the GK on a ratio as mentioned by Dumpster. Its 63/75 ?, but it should show 5% approx

Sorry you’re right, Archimedes. My bad.

It shows 6% in Hero screen, but 5% in Statue screen.

No need to apologize, I was worried there for a bit. Its more than 4,5% thats why…

? You are actually very close to show both statue and hero at 5%… thats a nice surpice for those who don’t pay attention…

So I’m running into a GK issue and this seems like a suitable thread …

I was experimenting with my Cadmus, as he is my most solid character, but his power Dragon’s Tooth is very unpredictable.  I tried un-equipping all his troops (except for Medusas) and then assigned him as my GK.  In testing however, I get to him and he summons 3 spearmen.  How does that even make sense?  His DT has 10 moral!  At the very least he should be summoning 10 spearmen - not 3, but ideally I want him to summon 2 medusas.

After a few more test runs - he  summoned 5 spearmen … other times 3 spearmen.  What’s going on here?

Is there anyway to force him to summon what I want?

That’s interesting, I don’t remember any questions specifically about this. But it could be that a % of the morale is used, as everything else gets affected (usually reduced).

Would you be able to test with only Medusa’s (remove all other units) and then only Cyclops, and tell us the results? It’s also interesting if you can pack him up with CD, see if he would spawn / use his tooth more frequently, just for the test, and tell us the variations of that power used. If you run into some weird results, I will do my self some tests.

Actually - I had a mistype in the original you quoted.  What I meant to say - is I ‘Removed’ all troops except for Medusas.  But yet - when I got to him, he summoned spearmen (which were not on the troop roster - but are in my defense waves).

So maybe I’ll try removing spearmen from my defense waves - as well as the other things you suggested.

So yea - just did a test and I removed all troops cheaper than Medusas from my defense waves (so no spearmen, warriors, archers, sirens).

I got to the end and cast the GK cast Dragon Tooth - however nothing was summoned, not even 1 medusa.  So DT is being reduced somehow - which seems like a bug.

There was an answer about that specifically… but I don’t remember if its waves, or what you have “equipped”. It should be the latter in my opinion, as I want to control it better, and also, what I have on waves, doesn’t mean is what I want at the gate.

I’ve tried on my mini account, I can’t get him to spawn anything. You should report it for sure.… I can’t get anything to spawn, is surely a bug. I have seen Cadmus spawn units at GK, so it could be a bug related to lower levels, or power lower level… not sure.


Im sure this was commented on before as a bug, I remember trying and not being able to summon anything meaningful. 

Cadmus as gk summons units from next wave and not from dragon tooth 

True, and it is also the case with Ariadne: 



My 1st Wave was full of troops which could’ve given various combos, but Cadmus spawns nothing. Dragon Tooth power max lvl.




My guess is that you only set up troops for the 1st wave. The problem is that when you reach Cadmus (as GK) you can’t know which is the next wave. Why don’t you try to set up all waves same as the 1st one?


Edit: actually we should set up all waves differently so that we know what’s the next wave in order to analyse. 

Good suggestions as always - yes it works, placed equal troops in every wave just to make sure and spawned, so no bug :grinning:  

But that’s a ***** feature/tactic. Or at the very least restrictive.

We may not call it a bug, if you did that, but that’s not a good feature. Plus, if I am not spawning anything in my case, it means that there is some kind of bug there. The tooth either gets confused, or prioritized some large morale units, and fails to spawn something. My waves are not full of Griffins or Phoenix… it’s still something wrong with it, and definitely needs a better choice for selection from the defender. Otherwise you are removing a tactical advantage over a Perseus GK for example.

@CaptainMorgan kindly consider this option to be through the selection of troops on hero, the 3 slots can be of use to the GK instead of the “attacking setup”.