Glass ceiling for cups amount - Match Making algo bugs


I was noticing this behavior for a long time and now I can’t hold it anymore. It seems that game have some sort of maximum amount of cups for a given ascension level.

Right now I’m 102 ascension level , I have around 7700 cups and 8062 Odyssey points. I’m constantly hitting " cups glass ceiling" whenever I earn 100 cups and total number of my cups rising to 7800. when I reach this level then immediately I’m getting furry of attacks from 120+ ascension level, each lost defense reduce number of my cups by -15 , each won defense gives me back +3 cups. Total number of cups drops by -100 or so overnight back to 7700. when I was 101 level I was observing totally same behavior at 7200 cups level, and so on, the lower your ascension level the lower level of max cups. It should be quite obvious that a person with +17 levels of ascension will demolish your defense just with hero powers, because they will be so much stronger.

It is unfair when you get such high level players attacking your base and stealing 15 cups. So unfair. It also makes impossible to unlock Artemis last power until you get very high ascension levels, because otherwise it is impossible to get high cups number.

@CaptainMorgan@GalaMorgane is it expected behavior???


Some stats from today:

lvl 117(+15) |  5795 cups  | 1220 Odyssey   -> lost at 45%    -> +1 cup (just 1 cup really?)

lvl 118(+16) |  7635 cups  | 12442 Odyssey -> won at 95%   -> -2 cups

lvl 106(+04) |  7137 cups |  6598 Odyssey   -> won at 85%   -> -7 cups

lvl 113(+11) |  3589 cups |  337 Odyssey     -> won at 100% -> -15 cups

lvl 119(+17) |  6759 cups |  6074 Odyssey   -> lost at 39%    -> +3 cups

lvl 119(+17) |  6759 cups |  6074 Odyssey   -> won at 95%   -> -14 cups (same player as above!!!)

lvl 109(+07) |  6759 cups |  8215 Odyssey   -> won at 100% -> -15 cups 

lvl 114(+12) |  3769 cups |  8054 Odyssey   -> lost at 14%    -> +11 cups

lvl 107(+05) |  6182 cups |  2870 Odyssey   -> won at 95%   -> -14 cups 

lvl 114(+12) |  4966 cups |  8327 Odyssey   -> won at 85%   -> -11 cups

lvl 116(+14) |  8634 cups | 10582 Odyssey  -> won at 95%   -> -2 cups

lvl 108(+06) |  7708 cups |  9504 Odyssey   -> won at 95%   -> -3 cups

lvl 108(+06) |  8508 cups | 10765 Odyssey  -> won at 95%   -> -2 cups

lvl 106(+04) |  6630 cups |  11102 Odyssey -> lost at 43%    -> +2 cups

lvl 111(+09) |  7485 cups |  5077 Odyssey   -> won at 100% -> -4 cups

lvl 110(+08) |  7696 cups |  10761 Odyssey -> won at 100% -> -3 cups

lvl 109(+07) |  6247 cups |  8660 Odyssey   -> lost at 45%    -> +1 cup (just 1 cup really?)



Ahead it will only get worse

I can only add that on my map I can earn only +3 cups from attack, and most of the bases are really weak so I even don’t watch the game and leave it on automatic mode. Why I’m not given a chance to earn +15 cups from people 15 levels below me?

For this it is necessary that the enemy had more cups than you.

You have way more trophies than the average player of your level. 

Right, but why amount of trophies I get/loose depends on amount I have already? That is not fair.

Its basically a game for big fish to prey on small fish - I remember getting hit constantly by guys many lvls above me, sometimes now I get the chance to hit the small guys for many trophies. Just lvl up and your glass ceiling raises… I still get hit by many players higher than me… I decided to go for Artemis power only now at lvl124, but prob lvl110 can obtain if with an excellent defence and some intense attack days @Ch5

That’s just how it works. 

and it is a disgusting and shameful way

yep I understad that it is as designed behavior to give you more or less cups depending what the difference between your cups and opponent.

The main point why I have raised this topic that after certain trophies count match making becomes crazy and throw much higher ascension level players at you.

I haven’t seen any attack from players below my ascention level for loooooong-loooong time. I would be happy to get + - 3 cups attacks all the time, and it is not a problem. I’m wondering why in the hell player of 122 ascension level will get 15 trophies from 102 level. Just because I was playing too good and now I have to suffer? 

It doesn’t motivate me to play more because I see no point of loosing my achievements because match making is buggy.


forget about trophies bro,your situation is a bliss as compared to what I had for a year.(no offense but true)

Same goes for @vasudeva1, @Hellslord(he doesn’t care about trophies anymore just want easy opponents on his maps for that He is willing to drop his trophies to 8k), @Neptune(friend of mine and we both joke about poor trophy system and of course active players like me.


We are meat bags to feed to the ego and whims of lazy players who play or just for ruining fun for the others.


Anyways you should read this thread as it is a compilation of all threads that talk about partial trophy system of OR(you will see lots of my comments there too)

This one is latest thread


Lower level players might be afraid to attack you because your trophies are so high. 

It means for me that it lead to another exploit of this buggy algo, I just have to lower number of cups from 7700 to 5000 by retreating from attacks about 100 times.

Then I will be getting lots of attacks from low level players who will be paying lots of rubies to penetrate my defense until I will get back 7700 trophies, then repeat.

Is it the way how players expected to play this game?

Yes, that’s correct. 

I am playing OR for almost year bro and Have fought opponents worth three trophies all the time plus my base is always raided by very high ascenion level players and on some occasion by 31+ level from top teams.


Developers won’t change this system,


Plus this one is another interesting thread that changed trophy system a little bit(prior to version 3 used to get -25 hits per battle)


Yes and @CaptainMorgan can confirm this too.


Sad but the ugly face Of OR.

Recent forge nerfs and plus every base has access Charon tower blessing plus siren blessing has made raiding the bases of 125+ hard very hard.

If I don’t use my best heroes than I easily lose 12 or 13 trophies per raid (when fighting opponents between 125-131,when I am only at 111)even If defeat everything just couldn’t take the gate of Apollo on time(funny but yet another blunder on part of developers) 

That’s not the only change. You used to be able to hit the same player 3 times for almost 25 per attack. All you had to do was retreat at the gate. 

I know everyone hates it, but it’s way different than it used to be. 

Yep all of that sounds quite familiar, my main question is still not answered: why after reaching certain level of trophies you get furry of attacks which will send you down and you never able to breach it. Unless you raise your ascension and then there is nothing like this anymore, you getting normal experience until you grow for another +500 trophies, after which punishment start to reach you again.

So for me it means that there is some sort of hardcoded limit of trophies you can get per ascension level after which everyone who is active enough start getting punishment.

Buddy you are answering your own question???

It’s not really set up that way but it functions that way. Trophies are very Strongly linked to ascension level (and blessings). Raising ascension level and buying more defensive blessings are the two major things you can go to influence how high you can raise your trophies.