Glitches abused and bugs


Hi there,

As I always mention, beautiful game. I was just scrolling over my island and the small details you have put in at the base of the islands like ports and whales swimming and change in water color are amazing. Anyways, lets get to those nasty bugs now…

  1. Divine Buff: They are expensive but great! However they do not always work. I had some opponent from Ancient Forces (Clan #1) on one of my islands with multiple buffs. Then I checked again in 1 min and all his buffs were gone!! Yes, its possible that the buff ended, but all buffs (minotaur, warrior, orthos and Titan tower) is highly improbable. Yet not impossible. Then I had few more ppl with buffs and I tried to attack (not actually attack just open the attack screen)5-6 times and close it. It glitched again and I could attack them with their divine buffs cancelled. 

Now this is a good thing for me right? But fortunately (or not), I am also in #3 alliance and we have many active buffs. I count on them to slow people using orthos tower. I use buffed Minotaur instead of Lvl 2 medusa because he has divine buff active. And I think its not really active everytime which is a waste of my 4 million gold donations and many other donations that others made. Otherwise I would never lose trophies or if I did i will get many gems instead.

  1. Ambrosia cost (See attachment): Well it is very high but that isn’t a bug. I have 3 heroes on cyclops islands. One on the main, one on the other knowledge and third on the smaller gold island. I have an enemy on the ambrosia island (130 ambrosia) below the cyclops islands. However when I try  to attack, it shows the least ambrosia cost using the hero on the main cyclops island (Odysseus) instead of Perseus or Hercules. What more, you see the other small island with 24 ambrosia. Well guess who is the closest to them? Ariande who seems way farther on minotaur islands. It should be Persius shouldn’t it?

While I know ambrosia is God Food and needed for fights I don’t understand why it should increases with distance? It should be like 50 ambrosia for any attack on lvl 40 - 45 level guys and the distance should be compensated by gold i.e. shipping charges. Just a suggestion there…


  1. Chests after match: I fought someone and won, saw my gold and experience increasing and then I got disconnected. I had lost the 3 keys to the chamber of Hephaestus. Please include some mechanism to open such things once you reconnect in 5 mins.

  2. Resource Calculation: This is not clear. There is an island which produces 230 ambrosia per what? -hour, 8 hours 24 hours? Same for all the other resources. I think it is per 8 hours which isn’t explicitly mentioned, however once it reach an 8 hour’s production, i.e. 230 it stops though there is space in ambrosia silo. Why? and if its meant to be like that then put a HUGE message there, because it doesn’t make sense. My ambrosia silo has space and it should not stop until its full. Also, ambrosia is not produced when we are upgrading ambrosia temple. Please put a note for this. Then a player wont have the temple being upgraded overnight and can choose to upgrade tower which still shoots while being upgraded.

5.Trophy system: If a level 42 guy like me attacks a level 48 guys I think I should get trophies. Why do I get 0 trophies for that and sometimes I do get for lvl 44 guys as well. Please explain the mechanism, I believe you also factor in rank of players for trophy calculations. However that really isn’t fair. A high ranked player loses a lot of trophies when he is conquered. Espescially if people use gems to attack my island, its an easy win. I should NOT be losing trophies for people using gems to attack. Scylla is highly over-powered as a gem skill. 1 scylla destroys half the map. Please cap the total damage that Scylla can cause.

On a side note:

If I have an account created with flaregames zendesk then I can neither use it here nor does it say that. It just says that the answer to the math question was wrong.

If I try to upload 2 files which are more than 1.95 Mb I get an error, this is fine. But when I retry smaller files I still get error in this. 


I have the same issue with buffs.  Sometimes closing out of that screen and then opening it again 2-3 seconds later deactivates all buffs.  Makes the battle easy but it’s clearly a flaw

I noticed the first thing too, but I was wondering if this buff are active just when there is our heroes on it, i.e when we quit the island, we don’t have the buff and we lose the buff but we don’t lose trophies. (I am not sure ) 
Nevertheless, I hope they will not change it, cause otherwise, there are island I cannot defeat… 

I agree with every other things you said :slight_smile:  


Hey Morg,

Remember we too have tons of buff and if this happens then people will get easily defeated when they attack us. Also, I think even if they have buffs, if you do use Gem skills you can level any opponent, no matter the buffs. Try using a combination of Scylla and Helen’s baeauty. Scylla takes of a major portion while Helen’s beauty will convert all enemy forever to ur side. I hate Helen’s beauty on helen, but on other heroes as gem skill it just converts enemy forever…

Whatever, it is I think it needs to be fixed and then probably they can reduce the cost and effectiveness of Divine buffs because that really imbalances stuff.




Hum, yeah, you may be right, but I spend enough gems like this ahah 

I agree with you, cost (for sure) and effectiveness should be reduce…